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A commonly known abbreviation for a way of life. Wulsadpa stands for, "wake up late, skate all day, party again." Term is used for kids who love to skate and party, but sleep is essential.

Also can stand for, "wake up late, smoke all day, party again." This form is used more for the high life. Those kids who are too lazy to skate and rather just smoke all day, and party all night. Sleep is also very essential in this form.
Archie: what time did you wake up?
Jerry: dude like at 3, too much partying last night.
Archie: so what are we doing today?
Jerry: is that even a question? wulsadpa my friend.

Dahlia: i was late to work again today man
Sam: why?
Dahlia: smoke too much last night, then went and partyed.

Sam: oh well, we doing it again tonight?
Dahlia: hell yeaa! wulsadpa!
by wulsadpachick May 15, 2009
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