a wanna-be thug
u aint no thug, u just a 100% wug!
by MaNiAc MiKe April 10, 2003
Top Definition
1. An acronym meaning: "What you got?" A Diablo II trading term often used by those who don't trade on item value, but what suits their needs. These people often overvalue their own items and stagnate the trading process.
See also: Lamer
"WUG? Im only tradin dis soj 4 a perf cta lololol. no i dont want ur full ik, n00b"
by Retarded June 07, 2005
short for "What you Got?"
a trading term used in Diablo II
wug for my tal armor?
by *pirate_*Jim July 30, 2003
Touching someone's nose with your nose. Like an Eskimo kiss.
Person 1: Let me wug you!
Person 2: Okay!
Person 1: *WUG*
by Wugalot June 23, 2013
People from another place, who are greater beings then everyone else.
Those wugs rule us all.
by DLur September 09, 2003
where u going? (Where you going?)
by UCGuy March 15, 2003
in "Snail"dialect, an exclamation of disgust, patented by Jess, the second-in-command
She's not answering? oh, wug.
by Snail-herder December 03, 2004
To Hug about the waist
He gave her a wug before kissing her.
by qwerpoiuty April 11, 2010
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