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The electronic bass sound that is one of the hallmarks of dubstep music.
John: Bro! Do you hear that music?
Sam: Yea man! I love dubstep! Check out that sick wubwubwub bass!
by ShAdOwZ September 12, 2011
The sound(s) the bass makes when it drops. Usually heard in electronic, techno, or dubstep music.
"Did you hear that new dubstep track, when the bass dropped everyone was like Wub, Wub, Wub..."
"Bro those Bass Sluts are about to cum from that wub wub wub!"
by meowkirsty January 28, 2012
"I love you" in dinosaur. :)
"Wubwubwub" "I love you too" <3
by irbeelyak July 12, 2011