A nickname for someone who is good for nothing. The accuser can disguise that meaning of the word by saying that it is Australian slang for something completely different.
Accuser: "Man that guy is such a wubby."
Guy accused of being a wubby: "What the hell does that mean!?"
Accuser: "Don't worry, it's Australian slang for badass."
#slang #insult #useless #australian #good for nothing
by Shambles299 February 01, 2011
Top Definition
1. A soft fuzzy blanket like the middle ones in hotel beds.
2. A blanket
1&2: I curled up with my wubby on the couch and watched a movie.
#blanky #blankie #wubbie #blanket #covers
by saintnsinner July 11, 2006
A literal security blanket. The term was made popular by its use in the 1983 movie Mr. Mom.
Now listen to me, I understand that you little guys start out with your wubby's, and you think they are great...and they are. They are terrific, but pretty soon a wubby isn't enough. You're out on the street trying to score an electric blanket, maybe even a quilt. Then the next thing you know your strung out on bedspreads, Ken! That's serious! Now gimmie the wubby.
#security blanket #transitional object #blanky #blankie #binkie #binky
by shawmutt February 27, 2007
A dubstep fan. Word originates from one of dubstep's prominent sonic features (i.e. wobble bass). The term is akin to "metal head" or "Dead head." (Though the latter applies to a fan of a particular band, the Grateful Dead, while "wubby" applies broadly to fans of a genre, dubstep.) It should be noted that a wubby does not inherently equate to a dubtard, though it is possible.
"Hey, I was hanging out with him the other night, and the only music he had on was dubstep."

"You should have known that, he's a wubby."

"Why doesn't this DJ play anything besides dubstep?"

"He's a wubby."

"That guy's obviously a dubtard."

"No, he's only a wubby."
#wuby #wubbie #wubie #dubstep #dubstep fan #dubtard
by Franz909 April 23, 2013
Female version of "hubby"; wife
He just married his second wubby
I never thought he'd find such a gorgeous wubby
#wife #hubby #husband #spouse #wubbie
by YayJ January 04, 2010
An extremely adorable animal, especially a dog.
I love my wubby! My wubby is so cute! She is small and black and rat-like!
#wub #pub #cute #pubby #wubby
by KateOfTheJeyz. May 21, 2007
Plural form of wubby.
Why are there so many wubbies here?
#wubby #pussy #juhmoses #buhgeebus #jerk
by Buhgeebus October 10, 2008
a term used to welcome someone back from a brief absence from a chat or discussion thread. Taken from the abbreviation w/b (welcome back)


Chatter1: Eesh, that phone call took forever!
Chatter2: wubbies!
#w/b #chatspeak #welcome #greetings #abbreviation
by BBugg September 05, 2008
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