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A majestic creature, that can turn frowns of Snorlaxes and chubbies alike upside down in no time at all. If the wubbiemonster becomes upset it will most likely stop talking and furrow its brow. Ways to cheer him up include: supplyin him with a KFC family feast and/or large 20 pc nugget meal + chocolate milkshake, as well as singing him lullabies. If you anger the wubbiemonster beware! He has a ferocious temper when provoked, making him difficult to talk to. The best thing to do is let him cool off for a few days, and slowly approach him promising sweet kissies and cuddles. The wubbiemonster's Kryptonite is kissies. When the wubbiemonster is in an especially good mood, it loses the ability to realise its own strength. So if you let him pick you up during one of these bursts of energy, be sure to curl in a ball and cover your head, for behaving in any other way may result in severe wall-induced head trauma. Favorite passtimes of the wubbiemonster include eating, sleeping, playing video games and providing his mate (the chubbymonster) with tender loving care. So, if you happen across one of these species, be sure to stop and say "Hello!". Passing by such an opportunity would be a real tragedy, as he is sure to be a loving companion and loyal friend to all those he meets!
Gosh, that is one sexy Wubbiemonster!
by thegreatChubb December 14, 2010

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