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Why Thank You
John: "Hey mark, you owned everyone in that PvP!"
Mark: ":D wty"
by BassMZero August 04, 2010
Abbreviation of the phrase 'why thank you, sir.' Usually used as a greeting in response to 'wb' (for 'welcome back') after returning from an extended period of inactivity.
Pete: going afk
John: kk

<Pete has gone idle.>

*10 minutes later*

<Pete has returned.>

John: wb
Pete: wtys
by quells March 21, 2010
Stands for "what the yiff?". A furrier and more in-your-face alternative to "wtf" or "what the fuck".
"Boogy bog McWanker blot"
by Foggy October 02, 2003
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