What The Spock. Spock is the Vulcan second in command on the USS Enterprise on the popular television show Star Trek: The Original Series, back in the 1960s.
Sulu: What the Spock you stole my Plomeek soup!! DIEE!!!!

Chekov: WTS Sulu you're such a fagging ballerina, you couldn't hurt a fly. Take the damn Plomeek soup, I'll go get some savory Klingon jerky. Hab SoSlI' Quch! (Klingon for: Your mother has a smooth forehead! It is an extreme insult)
by Mrs. Spock March 10, 2010
Top Definition
What the shit.

"Dude, wts."
by kuttyb March 27, 2009
WTS = Want To Sell (Used largely in MMO's)
WTS Black Dye for 5k.
by QumbDiddy July 30, 2005
Want To Sell - used in many MMORPG to denote a willingness to sell an item to another player.
WTS Linen Bags, 2 Silver.
by Coldfront August 16, 2005
What the Shit

Similar in usage and context to wtf
by manual_overide January 20, 2003
Want to sell - often used in shopping channels in MMORPGs.
wts Gold Inglots x100
by demmonia January 24, 2008
Abbreviation for What the Slut
It's a exclamation of disgust, anger to the woman who open their legs for money or merely just for pleasure.

A strong word for person who seems forgetting their morals
stand for What the Slut and can be written as WTS

This can be use as an expression of surprise, disgust, anger and many more.
WTS! Ann is such an easy game girl.
by primaverabebe September 10, 2010
WTS, or "What the s***?" is used by people who don't want to use the F-word or swear.

Can also mean "What the sheesh?", "What the shietz?", "What the shet?", "What the shabeep?" and so on.
Krystina: WTS are you doing, san?
by Pocketful of Sunshine June 18, 2008

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