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wtr = whatever,

often used in phone messages to shorten the length of the message
Dude 1: hey, what happened to you?
Dude 2: had a busy weekend...
Dude 1: yeah right, I think you missed out on purpose
Dude 2: wtr, I don't care.
by MyAssOnFire March 01, 2010
What the rhinoceros; a socially appropriate way to say "What the fuck!".
"Are you ready for our exam?"
"No, i did not even know we had one. Wtr!"
by Browniezz October 12, 2009
Walker Texas Ranger, a real American Bad ass
dang i needa hurry up and get home to catch the 11:00 wtr
by Bone Ridge November 08, 2010
What the retard (can be used in place of WTF or WTH)
"i have not fucked a goat"

"I think i have herpes, and I think you do too"

"I Love you"
by WTRetard February 03, 2010
w = what t = the r = random

"what the random"
1. (a) Hey Peter, what is your favorite color?
(b) wtr??
2. (a) Dude, Yang, do you like cottage cheese?
(b) wtr?
by Peter Yang March 21, 2007
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