"What The Junk." Used by cool people so that profanity isn't. Much more amazing than wtf or wth, which are both boring.
"My mom said I'm ugly."
"That's terrible! Wtj?!"
by isgrate August 19, 2011
Top Definition
Winning Team Joiner, when someone joins another team if he's is loosing ! E.G.:
Dude #1 is in Team A, Team B is owning Team A's ass very hard, so Dude #1 join Team B to get more frags !
by TuPLaD October 31, 2004
danm n00b| who joins the winning team
L0k0 @ teh wtj b000n kik him fr0m teh s3rv3r
by apollo March 25, 2004
Winning Team Joiner
team a leads with 10 pt. and team b player joins team a for being om the winning team.
Used mutch i cs ..
by DeStefanO January 25, 2004
WTJ? stands for "What the junk?" A less vulgar way of asking the popular, "What the f*ck?" for non-profane users.
Person A: "I just crashed your car!"

Person B: "WTJ?!"

Person A: "I'm SO sorry!"
by Shikis October 02, 2010
What the Jacob?

It is a tame version of WTF and is in sync with OME.

If Edward gets one, so should Jacob.
Bella: Edward, WTJ! Why can't I go to La Push tonight?
by Scarlet Letter December 21, 2009
wtj is What The Jesus, its like wtf but more christian
<tec27> im flying without pants
<atv> wtj?
by atv1990 April 04, 2004

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