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(v.) the act of consuming large amounts of marijuana and alcohol in a short period of time then deciding to log on to facebook and post statuses and then proceeds to have conversations with them self. (occurs often in the summer)
person1 status: Herplederple
person1 reply: Surkeldurple
person1 reply: Purple nurple
person1 reply: Wheelies Are awesome
person1 reply: Mpbbindeep
person1 reply: Not his afain
person1 reply: Aw man
person1 reply: Jk i
person1 reply: Bit even felt on it tho
person1 reply: So I'm chill
person2 reply: man who is this kid talking too?
person3 reply: don't worry man it's summer he's just wsupbeef'ed
by gblackman92ed August 24, 2011

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