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We're still friends.
1. The process or continuation of two people of the opposite or same sex of being friends even after a number of events. Most commonly, this term applies to an event in which a man/boy asks a woman/girl out on a date/girlfriend/boyfriend or vice versa, and the person being asked this declines the request. This term is used when the asker is recollecting and retelling the story to his/her friends after the event has taken place. WST does not imply that the asker is now downtrodden or depressed about the outcome of the asking, it does however mean, that the person (whom they were close too) they asked (and declined) is still a good friend of the person, if not better than before. WST people do not feel a sense of awkwardness or oddity when talking to the person they told their feelings to.
Dominik: So whats up with you and (insert name here) ?

Andrew: What do ya mean?

Dominik: Well, you asked her out right? What ever happened to that?

Andrew: Oh, she said no, but no worries, WST.

Dominik: Cool cool.
by Andrew (The 'Burg) B. March 05, 2007
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Who said that?
Joe: Hey fuck you!

Bob: WST?

Joe: I did prick!
by naydanger November 09, 2010
Would Smash That - Acronym
See that girl over there wst!

Kim Kardashian's Butt, WST!
by Chazzawatts August 03, 2010

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