Wsp... a commonplace synonym for any swear word you wish.
Oh my wsp! That wsping guy is wsping wsp.
by Tina March 21, 2005
Top Definition
"What's up?" Used a lot in Instant Messengers when a person is obviously too hardcore to use real words.
Illiterate Guy 1: Yo wsp?
Illiterate Guy 2: Nm u
by Alan ZEEE May 22, 2005
Weed Smoking Party.......obviously
Heay you going to that WSP tonight?

by ranchdorritos January 17, 2009
A group of Persian-American's that started in the late 1980's and expanded southwest, California, that should not be messed with. They are usually in alliance with the Crips of west. There motto basically is: “dont fuck wit us, we dont fuck wit u”. If kept alone, they are usually harmless, but if annoyed, they would care no less to the next innocent American citizens of the USA. They have also brought in a virus that causes extraordinary lethal kidney diseases in America, and usually packaged in their N139's. Slowly reproducing as the same percentile as being taken off the streets mostly because of the LAPD's "Top most wanted mafia's in LA" add. Weapons: simple, Mac11's, Beretta 92FS's, .038's 6mm, in addition to their N139's.
ay fool, u hear bout em WSP man? they be spreadin em n139's like its a fucken lottery game, and killin 20 of em gay ass slobs, like they just won the jackpot
by Kia Farhad January 22, 2007
An abbreviated way to refer to Washington Square Park--located in New York, NY around 4th Street and 5th Ave. The park is often considered to be the center of the New York University campus, as many of the buildings associated with NYU are located immediately around the park.
Person A: Hey man, where you wanna go tonight?
Person B: I don't know, let's hit up a park, do some girl-watching.
Person A: 'Aight, how's Union Square?
Person B: Nah, too far. WSP?
Person A: Right, let's go!
by wong1275 September 21, 2011
What's up. I don't know what the other guy is smoking.
Illiterate Guy 1: Yo wsp
Illiterate Guy 2: Nm u
by Alan ZEEE April 20, 2005
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