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It's a piece of word that Dio Brando from an anime called "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure" shouts all the time.

It's also a very popular meme on 4can. It first appeared in a flash film called "mudah.swf". This flash shows a stickman that throws a steamroller on another stickman and screams "WRYYYYY"
-Dio Brando

qwerqwer1234.hp.infoseek.co.jp/mudah/mudah.swf <-- click on "THE WORLD" to see the example
by Happy Negro May 01, 2005
Wry- A high pitched, blood curdling scream. Could be used in anger or a battle cry. Screamo bands have been known to welp out a wry and it is also popularized by the Hunter from Left 4 dead.
Person A: Dude, screw you, gtfo.
Person B: WRY!

Person A: WRY!!
Person B: Is someone there?!
by wrybread November 16, 2009
dry sense of humor.
That woman has a wry sense of humor
by Del May 04, 2003
WYR means it means Would You Rather ... :D its like for question or quizzes you just choise an option
"WRY" a bear hug from Joe Jonas OR get a high five from Nick Jonas?

WYR buy a a Jeep OR a Volvo ??
by Lucia :D August 22, 2009
wry is engrish for why which is why it is so damn funny
moments after Keichi-kun's lover was slaim her screamed "WRYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?!?"
by HBomb187 February 24, 2005
A type of bread. Not edible unless youre over 60.
Boy: Do we have any bread?
Mom: Yes dear, we have wry bread.
Boy: Awwwwwwww, you know i hate wry bread.
Mom: Go to your room you little bastard!!!!
by POONMAN July 31, 2006