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A sexual act performed, by a man, while having sexual intercourse with a woman. As the woman rides on top of the man, he reaches around behind her and quickly shoves his entire first directly up her anus. At this point another smaller man walks out from the closet and procedes to defficate on the womans head.
"Dude, last night me and billy totally wronskianed this girl."
by SlickWronski December 05, 2008
A technique in mathematics used to prove that the solutions of a differential equation are linearly independent. Also a term used by math geeks to inform one another when trying to solve a problem, that compounding one botched attempt after another won't lead to success.
Dude, two wronskians don't make a right.
by murr2k March 22, 2009
Male genetalia, most oftenly used in reference to the penis.
Before I jounce a fine ass ho, I make her yank on my wronskian.
by Daniel Wiese February 28, 2008