slang for a hand job
Guy to friend: "DUDE! I got some wrist last night"
by wesdizzle April 08, 2008
Top Definition
1)Joint that connects your hand to your fore arm. Easily sprainable.

2)Area of the body hated by emo's. Common torture of the area includes hacking with a razor blade.
1)Dang, sprained my wrist again playing football.

2)Emo: God, wrists suck! I'm torture these bastards.
by benormous April 23, 2006
Use of Wrists as a slang word for breasts, usually used in discussion with girls in ear shot, for example in class or work.

Wrists is then replaced with Arm ankles in conversation
"Whoa dude, check out the wrists on her!"
by Yusuf A March 23, 2007
An visual artist who can draw well and has good technique, but who lacks imagination or creativity.
Joe hasn't come up with any good ideas for the comic. He's just a wrist.
by ghost79 April 12, 2010
what emos and suicidal people cut.
slitting your wrists could kill you. while it may feel better, It's not excactly a good idea.
by kajaragi April 26, 2006
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