A big pile of faggot wrapped into a gay taco.
Hey there boy, what do you say we practice mounting each other, I mean wrestling.
by Giant F April 19, 2009
A primitive sport in which two men grapple with one another in attempt to pin their adversary. Everyone who is involved in wrestling seems to think it is the toughest, coolest, and most difficult sport there is. Everyone uninvolved seems to take the view that it is unintelligent and homo-erotic(not that there's anything wrong with that).

Wrestling is unintelligent and homo-erotic - not that there's anything wrong with that.
by John Wesley Harding April 27, 2008
a very difficult and challenging sport where two people use series of moves and take downs to pin their opponent, all in three matches of 2 minutes. most people think wrestling as a gay sport, that is probably because it is. once you do wrestling for a long ass time, you have to devote all, not most, but all of your time to it, losing you social life and cool friends. this turns you into one of those faggot wrestlers that think they are so tight and tough and think nobody knows how wrestling really is and you could kick their ass. you cant. go ahead and fuck with some hoodrat gang and theyll blow your head off. yea i guess thats unfair because you didnt wrestle with them but, cry about it. thats life. sure, i did wrestling and i know it is probably the hardest sport to play and i gave it a good 3 years. i think its tight that you guys are doing that shit. i just realized when i saw older wrestlers that no one liked them and they had the maturity of a fifth grader. and i knew i didnt want to be like them. the point is, not all people are saying wrestlers are gay, just weird and stupid. stop whining that no one knows the real wrestling, because most of us do. its just an unusual sport. so shut the fuck up and stop whining, stick to your sport, and we'll start to forget about it and stop bugging you. jesus christ you guys are fucking annoying. i guess i just believe that a sport shouldnt eat up your whole life, maybe im crazy
wrestler - "why dont you try wrestling? oh yea, you would get fucked up!"

non wrestler - "no, because i dont want to go to military school once im out of highschool, fucking cunt"
by reed delobenfels January 04, 2008
A sport in which heterosexual males can have rub their bodies together with other heterosexual males without the activity being seen as homosexual.
John: Hey! Do you wanna wrestle?

Joe: Yeah! Wrestling is fun! I love having guys twisting themselves between my thighs! Genital-to-genital is fun too!

John: Okay. Strip off all your clothing except for this small band of cloth. Now we can start rolling on the ground together! Yay!
by The Dark Horseman August 06, 2009
Some like to call it the best sport in the world, however others simply see it as gay sex infront of many people.
Man: I'm in a wrestling tournament.
Woman: Oh I didn't know you were gay!
by Leah! April 04, 2008
An ironic sport in which homophobic young men participate in homoerotic displays.
While wrestling Billy, Jake got an unexpected erection.
by John Doe 81 January 17, 2009
An excuse for gay men to touch each-other in public without being prosecuted. Also when heterosexual peoples wrestle, and get touched by said gay men.
Jim: Hey so I heard Richard came out of the closet?

Tom: Yah, he's wrestling now.

Jim: Wow, I never thought he was THAT flaming.
by Marcus129 January 26, 2010
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