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Sports Entertainment/Professional Wrestling: So many people on here bash this form of art by only referencing WWE 'and' ECW even though they are in fact the same thing its like comparing RAW and Smackdown! ECW is merely another of WWE’s Brands/ Weekly Programs... REAL Sports Entertainment is something along the lines of ROH, IWA-MS, NJPW, or NOAH where people may not spend an hour working out without water like you Greco wrestlers like to brag about… even though you can survive 3 days without it, to spend 6 minutes rolling around... instead they workout when they aren’t driving 400 miles at a time to go to a small arena or gym to bust their ass for hours on end to entertain a crowd of fans that love and respect the things they do.

SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT/PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING may be scripted or planned out but by only acknowledging WWE you completely ignore true performers who love nothing more than sending their fans home happy
Ring of Honor, IWA Mid South, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Noah, Full Impact Pro Wrestling, i could go on.

Get over yourself Greco wrestlers, we dont hate you stop hating us.

sidenote: maybe you should spend less time training and more time in the class room, you mispell most things and have terrible grammar

translation: UR GRAMER ARH BAD

If any of you Greco Wrestlers would like to take this up to me, I listed my full name and address below since I know you like to talk tough and never act on it.

Joey Kasten
305 Mulberry Lane
O'Fallon Illinois
zipcode 62269 hope to see you soon =]

extra sidenote: If you DO show up to fight, I want a dog collar match so you cant get away.
by Joey Kasten December 08, 2008
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A youth, highschool, college, and prossional sport. Known to be one of the hardest there is. Really it is a load of overly intense coaches who do tihngs like hand out bumper stickers and t-shirts to make up for the fact that everyone else thinks its a joke. Although a vigorous and demanding sport, it is much less evolved than better sports like football and hockey. Also, it has the same type of "team" feel that those sports have, but wrestlers tend to push it further because of society's idea that the counterculture the sport has created is pretty pathetic, which it very much is.
Coach: If you do wrestling, you can do anything!

Some normal person: Its just a sport, man.

Wrestler: Did he call us gay!? I don't fucking like dudes! Lets pin him down!
by JJ9342 December 03, 2007
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1) a valid athletic sport that involves intense grapple and submissions mostly at ground level. highly entertaining and extemely competitive, athletic wrestling is a great sport. unfortunatly most athletic wrestlers are douche bags who dismiss the sports entertainment version as pure acting and "bullshit" despite the fact that theyve never taken/given a steel chair shot to the head or put anyone through/ been put through a folding put-away table.
2. wrestling (sports entertainment) a sort of glitzed-up version of the same sport wherein competiters require even more stamina and discipline as well as skills in the preformance arts in order to hang in. although the appeal of pro-wrestling is usually stoked with fictious story-lines and character gimmicks within the televised programmes, pro-wrestlers must train to take the same kind of blows they dish out as most impacts in-ring are all real. this is one wrestler who has been on both sides of the fence and can attest as to the validity of both forms of true athleticism. now all you wwe-hating, ground-groping douche-bags run tell that.
wrestling is an awesome sport weather its athletic or entertainment.
by TonyChavez July 11, 2008
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A primitive sport in which two men grapple with one another in attempt to pin their adversary. Everyone who is involved in wrestling seems to think it is the toughest, coolest, and most difficult sport there is. Everyone uninvolved seems to take the view that it is unintelligent and homo-erotic(not that there's anything wrong with that).

Wrestling is unintelligent and homo-erotic - not that there's anything wrong with that.
by John Wesley Harding April 27, 2008
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An ironic sport in which homophobic young men participate in homoerotic displays.
While wrestling Billy, Jake got an unexpected erection.
by John Doe 81 January 17, 2009
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An excuse for gay men to touch each-other in public without being prosecuted. Also when heterosexual peoples wrestle, and get touched by said gay men.
Jim: Hey so I heard Richard came out of the closet?

Tom: Yah, he's wrestling now.

Jim: Wow, I never thought he was THAT flaming.
by Marcus129 January 26, 2010
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A sport in which heterosexual males can have rub their bodies together with other heterosexual males without the activity being seen as homosexual.
John: Hey! Do you wanna wrestle?

Joe: Yeah! Wrestling is fun! I love having guys twisting themselves between my thighs! Genital-to-genital is fun too!

John: Okay. Strip off all your clothing except for this small band of cloth. Now we can start rolling on the ground together! Yay!
by The Dark Horseman August 06, 2009
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