wrestling is the most bad ass sport out their! often kids make fun of you can call you gay cause you lay on the ground touching men! they are just pussy's that don't want to get hurt and badly beaten! wrestling is the closest thing to a street fight as you can get with being legal! you practice in a 90+ degrees room with 30 men who are sweating like hell trying to make weight! you run wrestle run more practice n run stairs over n over n at sometimes wear up to 5 layers of clothes to sweat Ur balls off to make your weight! so for all those pussy's who make fun of u cuz your a wrestle tell them 2 take it 2 the mate n than call me a pussy!
wrestling is for gay men who like to cuddle on a mat! HELL NO!
by wwecena948 September 27, 2010
Fuck WWE, thats all fake actors and special effects.

REAL wrestling involves training with what I call either a monkey or a tank. Monkeys are the small 100 to 145 pounders who throw and toss as easily as breathing. Tanks are big motherfuckers who basically compete in sumo matches and can weigh anywhere from 175 to 284.9 pounds. The training sessions are INTENSE, sometimes lasting all day. If youre going out for wrestling, dont bother eating. You will need to lose weight, and if by some miracle you dont, you will most likely puke during training anyways. Then comes match day, not game day. All the training, practice and lack of food ignites a fire only a true wrestler knows. 6 minutes in the ring will decide the victor. After the end of the season, it is common for a wrestler to feel like wrestling anyone who crosses his path to exert dominance and train for next season. Should the words be uttered "I'll wrestle ya for it; Who wants to wrestle"; or anything implying a fight, a true wrestler cannot, under any circumstance, resist. He, or she, will wrestle until they win, or die.
"dude, youre gonna be wrestling a guy who weighs 283. Too bad youre 195."
by Cartmaniac June 22, 2009
Wrestling is a sport in which two sweaty men in women's bathing suits go at for 1 minute and 30 seconds. The match normally ends with one man on top of the other man who is pinned on his back.
John: Don't you just love wrestling?
Harold: Nothing's like watching two men fight to the death in my mom's one piece.
by MCHorne24 May 26, 2014
The excuse someone has when they are messing around with the opposite sex and they make a loud noise, when they are really trying to grope each other in a rough manor.
Mom: "What are you guys doing up there?!"
Son and Girl: "NOTHING!! We are uhh....just wrestling!"
by Shotty. June 02, 2009
Sports Entertainment/Professional Wrestling: So many people on here bash this form of art by only referencing WWE 'and' ECW even though they are in fact the same thing its like comparing RAW and Smackdown! ECW is merely another of WWE’s Brands/ Weekly Programs... REAL Sports Entertainment is something along the lines of ROH, IWA-MS, NJPW, or NOAH where people may not spend an hour working out without water like you Greco wrestlers like to brag about… even though you can survive 3 days without it, to spend 6 minutes rolling around... instead they workout when they aren’t driving 400 miles at a time to go to a small arena or gym to bust their ass for hours on end to entertain a crowd of fans that love and respect the things they do.

SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT/PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING may be scripted or planned out but by only acknowledging WWE you completely ignore true performers who love nothing more than sending their fans home happy
Ring of Honor, IWA Mid South, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Noah, Full Impact Pro Wrestling, i could go on.

Get over yourself Greco wrestlers, we dont hate you stop hating us.

sidenote: maybe you should spend less time training and more time in the class room, you mispell most things and have terrible grammar

translation: UR GRAMER ARH BAD

If any of you Greco Wrestlers would like to take this up to me, I listed my full name and address below since I know you like to talk tough and never act on it.

Joey Kasten
305 Mulberry Lane
O'Fallon Illinois
zipcode 62269 hope to see you soon =]

extra sidenote: If you DO show up to fight, I want a dog collar match so you cant get away.
by Joey Kasten December 08, 2008
a very very hard sport that, come on guys, is just a little bit gay.
non-westler: so wrestling is a sport where you dont eat for a week and almost kill yourslef in practace 5 days in a row so you can wake up at 4:30 in the morning to spend 14 hours in a gym packed with 500 other sweaty dudes.
wrestler: yha dude sounds hard as fuck hu.
non-wrestler: yha its way harder then anything ive ever done, but its also just a little gay
by uknowit'strue April 05, 2009
glorified sodomy in an enclosed space, involving 2 people of the same gender groping each other.
ok. i love wrestling with you every night
by thegreatmelikenootherbefore March 15, 2011

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