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the toughest sport around, pussies like to call it gay because they are not tough enough to do it. people who say that it is easy must come from a very shitty school that gets trampled by their rivals. "pro" wrestling is like a redneck ballet at which toothless, skoal chewing hillbillies watch juiced up actors pretend to slap eachother.
pussy: wrestling is gay, i could do it easily.

by BigEthan April 15, 2006
One of the hardest sports you can ever compete in. "Professional" wrestling like WWE or ECW is a bunch of bullshit, half the stuff they do aren't even real or legal wrestling moves. The only "professional" wrestler worthy of attention is Kurt Angle who has actually competeted in REAL wrestling. Oh and it's not a gay sport. Yes you do dress in spandex uniforms and "grope" other individuals of the same gender. That does not make it gay. Wrestling is no more "gayer" than football, basketball, swimming, baseball...etc. Wrestlers work as hard as, probably harder, than any of the competers in the above sports.
Simpleton: Hey, did you see the WWE wrestling match yesterday? Man, that was sick!

Real Wrestler: No, I didn't, you faggot. You know why? Because I spent an hour practicing for my match tommorow with no water breaks, no rest breaks, and no mercy. I wrestle for REAL.
by WannabeGrunt August 04, 2005
Perhaps one of the most underappreciated sports, wrestling couldn't be described as anything less than hell. Practices chock-full of cardiovascular and muscular torture to make a soldier cry, terrible weight-cutting that is illegal yet encouraged and respected, and intense, brutal matches all constitute a life-changing experience.
There is wrestling practice everday, and one is only allowed water for dinner after practice. One also, in order to be as strong as possible, must lift weights on their own time, on an empty stomach. Technique is all in the mind, as wrestling is a thinking man's game. When finally match day comes, the fun has only begun...

Wrestlers may be called gay or homo, but they brush off the ignorance with the satisfaction that they are the strongest, toughest, and most disciplined athletes at school.

Wrestling is hell.
He is a wrestling champion. The punishment and glory he has defeated an observer such as you will never know.
by KeNZeN November 23, 2006
Wrestling is not just a sport its a lifestyle...your giving up you social life just to work out 3 times a day. your waking up at 6 to go for a morning 3 mile run. your eating very little if anything. your drinking 8 oz of water a day. your working that hard to go to a meet with almost no fans there just to see who wants to win more. You could be on the basketball team for a season or you can be a wrestler for life.
Hey why arent you eating lunch?
Hes on the wrestling team.
No im a Wrestler
by Justin Sage April 17, 2011
The best, most intense sport ever, and it always will be. Not that bullshit WWE fag wrestling. I'm talking about actual wrestling. Wrestlers work their asses off just for that 6 minute match on the mat. Wrestlers don't get breaks at all, unless you or your opponent is injured, or bleeding. It requires integrity, self-determination, self-motivation, agility, strength, and the ability and the want to go out on that mat and significantly fuck your opponent up. Real wrestlers basically give up their social life just to go hit the weights for their 6 minutes of fame. And so what if you lose? What you do then, is train harder, and work your ass off to make sure that doesn't happen again. Wins don't just come from the crack of your ass, they come from hard-work, dedication, and loyalty.

Most people think it's gay, but that's only because they sport that they do isn't even close to how competitive as wrestling is. They're too afraid to join, and makes them gay. The people who make fun of it are the pussies. And so what if wrestlers have to wear spandex singlets? They can still beat the dick out of you. So watch your mouth around wrestlers, because the next time you'll be moving is when you're on your way to the hospital. So watch what you say.
Poser: "Wrestling is mad gay."
Wrestler: "You want to say that again? Or should I just knock you the fuck out right now?"
by DSze93 March 06, 2009
One of the most controversial subjects on the web. Sure wrestlers have to wrestle other men, but basketball players have to box each other out with their bodies.

Most "misunderstood" sports such as wrestling and cross country are always facing this form of criticism; yet both are criticized by people who, mostly, have never tried it, or couldn't handle it.

If every wrestler says that it is something he will never forget, then maybe there is something to it. Did you think about that?
When have you ever heard a wrestler say that wrestling is gay?

How do you explain the fact that wrestling has been proven to have less gay people in it than any other sport?

What's wrong with gay people anyway?
by theMoralWrestler August 29, 2008
A sport that involves large amounts of sweat, hard work, and dedication. Not to be confused with "Professional" Wrestling.

Originating back more than 5000 years and refined by the Greeks.

You can play soccer, football, tennis, or basketball...but you can't play wrestling.
Guy 1: LOL! You're in wrestling? Dude your so gay..you touch other guys and stuff!

Guy 2: Wrestling isn't gay, you're just a pussy.
by Annihil November 07, 2011