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The testicle of a man who has had one of his testicles removed due to testicular cancer.
Lance Armstrong dumped his wife so he could slam the wrecking ball into Cheryl Crow.
by BAMF April 19, 2005
When two gay men are fucking each other so hard that the man from behind (the giver)slams his balls into the testicles of the other man (the receiver) with such a velocity that they both double over in pain and collapse.
Will you have those reports ready by five? They better be on my desk or else it's the wrecking ball for you!
by aj February 04, 2005
the most extreme form of teabagging,
where one inserts scrotum into another's mouth and pinches his or her nose as well, hence asphyxiating the teabaggee with a mouth full of balls;
death by teabagging.
Stephen gave Megan a wrecking ball then hid her body under the stairs.
by Chesty Morgan September 06, 2004
when your girlfriend or wife is sleeping climb over her face and hold your balls right above her.. then scream wrecking ball. hopefully she jumps up and slams her face into your balls!
(you say) honey.... are you sleeping. WRECKING BALL ! ! (she says) what the... OUCH !!
by zanoose September 15, 2007
while doing a woman from behind, the man grabs her by the hips and whips her head into the wall. she must leave a crater in the wall for it to be a true wrecking ball. also, a wrecking ball can be used instead of a donkey punch to make the woman tighten up for the man.
i left a three foot hole in the wall from giving this chick a wrecking ball last night.
by ,. October 13, 2005
The act of wobbling your scrotum back and forth without the use of your hands. This is best when wearing boxer shorts.
I was bored one day, so my friends and I pulled down our trousers and started doing the wrecking ball.
by DoTheDut July 19, 2005
One massive testicle (when compared to its brother teste) that rips through the air at such a speed that it can knock any girl off her knees.
"Why didn't you tell me you have a wrecking ball? My ass is all bruises!"
by DanteVT August 14, 2005