When nailing a chick hardcore...your balls are slapping her so hard...you leave red marks like you are gonna tear through her anal cavity.
I was banging Jill last night so hard. My balls almost busted her anal hyman like a wrecking ball.
by jt1224 September 04, 2009
The male defintion of a homewrecker; a male who attempts to get a girl who is already taken.
"Can you believe what Mike tried with Julie?"
"I know! He's such a wrecking balls! She has a boyfriend!"
by lilmer February 12, 2009
A sex act similar to the tea bag. Instead of dipping balls you must swing your hips hard enough to lodge a testicle in a nostril! The trick is to match the nostril size to testicle sixe!
I love using the wrecking ball on her!
by ccomp May 16, 2010
(n.) the main problem in your life that rears its' ugly head every so often. Quite likely a poor relation that busts into your office and starts frenching a secretary to a fellow member of the board. Those poor bastards.
The wrecking ball of my life.....Well, I don't have any poor relations...
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 04, 2004
When you titty-fuck a girl from the opposite angle so your balls are swinging through her face like a wrecking ball.
"Dude, I gave Misty the wrecking ball last night...my balls hit her so hard it gave her a fat lip."
by Larry Johanson April 10, 2008
When you slap your nuts back and forth at a rapid rate in between the faces (or shoulders, you can choose) of a team of Siamese twins.

a) must leave one cheek/shoulder of each twin slightly reddened
b) must shout the phrase "Wrecking Ball" repeatedly during process
c) not allowed to ask twins for permission to perform "wrecking ball."
d) reference Lori and Reba Schappell
Anjali: "Yo I was hoping that you got freaky with those siamese twins last night that we met at the zoo. But I was trying to imagine it, and don't even know how that would have worked."

Anup: "No man, it's really easy. All you have to do is wrecking ball that shit. They like it."
by Shantanu Kumar February 04, 2008
When you got a huge clump of crap caught in your ass hair and you swing it back and forth trying to make it fall into the toilet.
Holy Crap! Look at that bowl! You must have had a wrecking ball on the loose!
by pcguy October 19, 2004

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