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ugly ass person, lame ass broads who think they throwed
Man, that old wratchet ass broad, with them payless sandles.
by Delisa June 04, 2003
90 59
pistol, semi-automatic,gat,heat,burner any type of fire arm
"u betta bounce before i take this wratchet off my waist"

by exclusive December 04, 2005
70 47
A person of low moral character

An uneducated and uncouth person

A person with a ghetto or Trailerpark mentality.

A Wantonly ignorant person

The act of engaging in antisocial, ill behaved boorish conduct

Thuggish brutish behavior.

A loud and boisterous person

Lacking in decorum and manners


A delaptaed or rundown building



White trash redneck.

Black Thug.

Low IQ

Well mannered


High IQ
Cindy has 7 children and they all have different fathers, her family has disowned her because she will not stop engaging in such "Wratchet" behavior.

The city has condemn the building for being a bastion of depraved "Wratchetness" were all manner corruption and wickedness takes place.

Two American solders were kicked out of the pub for being "Wratchet" drunkards.
by HOODYWOOD June 09, 2014
1 0
(Pronounced Rat-shit)
Faecal waste produced by disease carrying rodents.
I thought it was caviar but it turned out it was wratchet
by Tooly June 05, 2003
18 42