LiK3 a cANkl3 buT on a WriSt. If th3r3 is no definition between the forearm and the's considered really fugly and makes the person look morbidly fat.
OH MY GOD! Did you see Annie's wrankles?!?!?
by babiee gurrrl April 11, 2006
Top Definition
the fat around your wrist from where you put a watch on... 200 pounds ago.
I should probably take this watch off, it's beginning to cut off blood flow, and my wrankle is the size of Mount Everest.
by cassie824 February 04, 2011
wrinkles that may appear on the penis due to excessive or prolonged masturbation.
After 5 years spent in the army Joe suffered from severe wrankles that required reconstructive surgery; unofficial sources have stated that Obama has been trying to include the reimbursement of wrankles laser treatment in his health care reform bill.
by samuel johnson II April 06, 2010
When the base of the hand meets the forearm without a curve, such as a cankle
Man, look at the wrankles on Javi!
by DA_smurf May 10, 2015
When someone has oddly fat wrists.
Christina: Whoa, look at those wrankles on Harlee!
Crystal: Holy balls, those are huge!

by crystalthemaster November 12, 2010
Combination of wrist and cankles. Someone with no visible wrist - the forearm blends right in with the hand.
That girl's so fat she's got wrankles.
by thechinrules June 19, 2009
Fat wrists. Cankles on your arms.
Did you see Large Marge at KFC? She's got cankles AND wrankles!
by Bieds January 07, 2012
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