A very funny girl i know. And they should be called red heads or orange heads. (me keeping mi promise to her :P) And everyone who calls them wrangers are just jealous that they cant be as unique as them.
Bitch yelling: "OI WRANGEEERR!" whilst secretly jealous of her aka the wranger who should be called an orange haired
#racist #ignorant #coloured #ranga #beautiful #ginger #orange #awesome #popular #rare #pretty
by rae, Raech, raechel January 31, 2009
Pasty skin, tall, red hair, usually hiding it under a hat. Is often labelled as hideous/disgusting/omg. They are some of the most vile creatures ever to be emmitted from a mothers womb.
Oh look at those bunch of wrangers, isnt that just sad
#red nuts #pasty #wranger #bluey #red #reds
by jjjrulez July 02, 2006
Word used to describe a short, red-haired pasty child, around the years of 13-15, who hangs around with friends of similar hair color, only taller, and less popular. Friends must only be able to get revenge via thier Uncles, or other close relatives. Typical names of a 'wranger' consist of 'Karl', 'Morris', 'shane' (asian varient).
Morris, who never visits the beach, and hangs out with smaller friends to fill his day.
by John Miller February 24, 2004
A person (usually with red/orange hair) who makes you want to vomit at the sight of them.
Check out that flaming wranger over there!
#flaming #wranger #vomit #disgusting #yak
by L0ggs July 03, 2006
Filthy Scum. Someone with orangey-red hair. Are worse people than normal people. Must be treated with content
Richy Cunningham from Happy Days
by Pat 'i hate wrangers' Scully March 08, 2004
Dirty scrub usually of middle eastern background
your filthy wranger, get that bed sheet off your head
by Mexo August 20, 2003
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