World of Warcraft.

Often the main talking point in any university(unfortunately) school and now pubs and clubs (Stop bringing webmasters to your local pubs and clubs to get him drunk for fucks sake)

Wow is often badmouthed by people who haven't played it, don't want to play or did play it and gave up playing it after finding out in order to get anywhere in the game you needed to join a large guild led by fucktards who demand you are on WoW all hours of the day to help them get some crusader sword of great justice or something equally retarded in a 12 hour dungeon run.
"So you're an online gamer? What games do you play?"

"I play wow, I have an lvl 60..."

"Sigh, another WoW player."

by Mark January 17, 2007
World of Warcraft. A game in which people with little to no life interact. Like the real world ...only not.
Hot Chick: Hey sexy! you wanna have some nice fun fucky-time?

Lvl 34 Paladin: No thats sick! Plus I have to play WoW to get to lvl 40 else I can't get my sweet Pwn Uber Mount! =D
by Zym1982 October 28, 2006
note: *WoW*, not wow or wow.
WoW is a health video shown to middle schoolers where a woman (normally fat and old) holds up sock puppets explaining birth and sex. It is probably one of the scariest things you'll ever see.
WoW stands for *Wonders of Wonders*
(paralyzed kid being wheeled away by the ambulance)
Person A: Dude what happened to her?
Person B: She just came out of the WoW assembly...
by mcappleyx3 March 31, 2010
An over used word at vault used to make other people realise how bad they are by saying it loud enough everyone can hear. Some scrubs try to use the word when they fail at games and got nothing better to say.
kurt trys to use an ability at the wrong time and fails epicly letting the entire team down then randomly screams WOW!.
by Jera-Ziah January 18, 2010
Etymology: ACRONYM = World of warcraft.

Definition: WoW means anything that consumes your entire life, becomes a ritual compulsion, that you obsess over daily, that you dream about, that your brain has become hardwired to, and can sometimes make you neglectful of all other pastimes, responsibilities, and activities.

Note: Also makes a clever emoticon when spelled exactly WoW.
Lord of the rings took 3 decades to complete and with all the subsequently released literature it becomes clear to see that Middle Earth was J.R.R. Tolkiens WoW.
by p@$$ing thr.ugh December 22, 2009
An MMORPG created by Blizzard Entertainment (Now Activision Blizzard), a fun game that friends across the world can play together, regardless of how many miles between them.

Often blamed for causing social defunction, this game gets looked upon negatively. However, this is simply a crutch so as not to place blame on the person who cannot control his own impulses.
"Me and my friends in Iraq can still play WoW together, even though he is 14,000 miles away."
by Hooahbob October 20, 2009
1. A mysterious spell known as World of Warcraft in the form of a video game that is cast upon unsuspecting people and it slowly sucks away your soul and any social life you previously had. You ditch all your real life friends for new in-game friends and instead of planning to hang out with friends on the weekend you plan game sessions with other geeky victims to this soul-sucking game. Eventually your lifeless corpse is no longer part of the real world and you sit at your computer all day in a dimly lit basement doing the only thing you still know how to do, which is play WoW.

Common side effects of WoW include teaching yourself to self-feed off darkness and cutting a hole in your chair to place a basket under it so that you no longer have to take bathroom breaks.

2. What your response should be when your friend turns down an opportunity to hang out in favor of playing WoW.

Friend 1: "Hey want to hang out today?"
Friend 2: "No I have a planned gaming session to go play WoW."
Friend 1: "Wow."
by whatsapseudonym???? September 20, 2009

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