acronym for world of warcraft which is a game jordan miller plays and it rots ur life and mind and makes you fart alot idk why it just does it gets to the point that u get a 34 year old cyberstalker
jordan: wanna play wow?
garrett: yaegershnitzel
by the8799 April 25, 2009
The game World of Warcraft. It is more addicting than crack, heroin, and methamphetamine combined. When you start playing you cannot stop, and the worst part is the game isn't even that good. Do not play this game unless you are old,have no friends, no job, and have an immense amount of time to waste.
There should be a rehab center for WoW addicts.
by mr miyagis hoo hah April 25, 2009
a word used to describe things that just dont make sense or used as a expression
WOW that was not fair.
by April 10, 2009
the largest mmo in history. wow stands for world of warcraft. around 15 million people play thisgame. it is extremely addictive but it is possible to play it casually. it takes up a large space on your hard drive and costs $15 a month to play but it is worth it.
wow rocks
by dacemage August 11, 2008
acronym for many things but the most used here is for the mmorpg world of warcraft.

a large proportion of its players are pathetic losers who have forgotten their friends and are even using the weird language they use in every day conversation. omg wtf n00b etc.

but not ALL players are like that, i myself play WoW, but it hasnt affected me in the way that it does to most people, i still have my mates and my girlfriend.

this is the same for the very small majority of players who have not been taken in by the social life sucking power of Blizzard.

omg n00b u a1n7 w34r1ng full 3pixxx - no life wow addict

pardon? can you say that slower and in English please? - ordinary person

by H.Timms March 31, 2008
Adictive Internet game thats worse than crack!! (World Of Warcrack)
Cant Wait till i go home to play WoW(World Of Warcraft) its the best game EVER!!
by ipwnuwithmyrogue June 08, 2007
World of Warcraft.

Often the main talking point in any university(unfortunately) school and now pubs and clubs (Stop bringing webmasters to your local pubs and clubs to get him drunk for fucks sake)

Wow is often badmouthed by people who haven't played it, don't want to play or did play it and gave up playing it after finding out in order to get anywhere in the game you needed to join a large guild led by fucktards who demand you are on WoW all hours of the day to help them get some crusader sword of great justice or something equally retarded in a 12 hour dungeon run.
"So you're an online gamer? What games do you play?"

"I play wow, I have an lvl 60..."

"Sigh, another WoW player."

by Mark January 17, 2007

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