WoW is an evil game made by Blizzard Entertainment which released and became very popular November 13th, 2004. The only thing it will do is consume your life, take away your friends, and make you an addict and a sociopath.
Guy 1: Dude I've been playing WoW since release. I have every pet, mount, and piece of gear in the game. I'm in the best guild in the world, though I don't have any friends outside of this game. I could probably make any team at my high school but I'm to busy feeding my addiction to this retarded game and killing internet dragons and shutting out the people who love me like my mother father sister and brothers.
by Baddy Failblanket May 04, 2009
acronym for world of warcraft which is a game jordan miller plays and it rots ur life and mind and makes you fart alot idk why it just does it gets to the point that u get a 34 year old cyberstalker
jordan: wanna play wow?
garrett: yaegershnitzel
by the8799 April 25, 2009
The game World of Warcraft. It is more addicting than crack, heroin, and methamphetamine combined. When you start playing you cannot stop, and the worst part is the game isn't even that good. Do not play this game unless you are old,have no friends, no job, and have an immense amount of time to waste.
There should be a rehab center for WoW addicts.
by mr miyagis hoo hah April 25, 2009
another term for crack
"Quitting wow was like trying to quit Cocaine without rehab.
by Bran.H August 29, 2008
World of Warcraft. A game in which people with little to no life interact. Like the real world ...only not.
Hot Chick: Hey sexy! you wanna have some nice fun fucky-time?

Lvl 34 Paladin: No thats sick! Plus I have to play WoW to get to lvl 40 else I can't get my sweet Pwn Uber Mount! =D
by Zym1982 October 28, 2006
WoW or Wang on Wang : Where your mate and you are chogging a bitch and your wangs accidentaly come into contact with each other, but this is ok because the chick is so hot it cancels it out.
Gav turns to Angry and exclaims "That chick is so hot, I wouldnt care if we had a WoW incident when we were chogging her."
by Angryanus Chubnut July 13, 2009
a word used to describe things that just dont make sense or used as a expression
WOW that was not fair.
by April 10, 2009

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