Mike: Dude in WoW I got my rogue to level 60 yesterday because I'd already done it for every other class, but I didn't realise that rogues suck ass at everything. I'm gonna go farm some shards for my 'lock soon so that I can release an infernal in Goldshire and make all the n00bs there die hahaha! Then after that I'll probably go farm some rugged leathers on my hunter so I can sell them on the AH and make enough to buy an Epic mount for my Rogue so that he can get to the capture points in Arathi Basin on time. After that I'll probably go on my priest and Mind control some people into the lava at Blackrock Mountain and maybe try to get the rest of the devout set that I'm missing, and respec from Shadow to Holy so I can heal properly. But then I wont be able to use my Shadowform and do heaps of damage with Mind Flay. Then after that I might go on my Warrior and ----
Jeremy: DUDE. STFU.
by teh_reaperer September 27, 2006
"Wow" is a expression used towards someone who has betrayed them with disloyalty and distrust.
Wow asshole.
by Jackson510223 February 17, 2014
stands for world of warcraft, a massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) its a very addicting game that once you subscribe to it you officially sell your soul to the devil (blizzard entertainment).

*WARNING* its like cocaine, once you start, its hard to stop
n00b: "yay i finally got WoW"

*BlizzGuy appears*

BlizzGuy: "that will be one soul, and 15$ a month for the rest of your life"

n00b: yay i finally fit in society" :D
by johny-two-fingers April 02, 2011
A soul sucking game that slowly chips away at your will to live for anything else.
Tom enters dark basement to find his friend Jack stationary in front of his computer screen except for small hand movements.

"hey man wanna go see a movie?"
".....cant, playing wow"
"well cant you just stop for a little while?"
"jesus man get a life"

-Jack turns slowly toward Tom with a serious face-

"this is my life"
by sEe MA tr0llIn April 14, 2010
Way cooler at being a social tool than Warcraft 3
I have more friends in WoW than Cris does in War3
by Ih8WoW August 26, 2009
One of the largest, possibly THE largest, MMORPG of the 2000-2010 decade. NOT wow or WOW, which are just exclamations. WoW is the acronym for World of Warcraft, an MMORPG by Blizzard Entertainment. See worldofwarcraft.com
Dude, wanna pick up a pack of rockstars and grind WoW up to eighty tonight?
by Doclaum July 28, 2009
WoW is an evil game made by Blizzard Entertainment which released and became very popular November 13th, 2004. The only thing it will do is consume your life, take away your friends, and make you an addict and a sociopath.
Guy 1: Dude I've been playing WoW since release. I have every pet, mount, and piece of gear in the game. I'm in the best guild in the world, though I don't have any friends outside of this game. I could probably make any team at my high school but I'm to busy feeding my addiction to this retarded game and killing internet dragons and shutting out the people who love me like my mother father sister and brothers.
by Baddy Failblanket May 04, 2009

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