Whip 'em out Wednesday. Game of it's own played in the NYC area on that day. Driving on the freeways, watching big-tittied women whip out those bigguns is WAY more fun than stupid-ass video game . War blows anyway. Give it a rest!
WOW - written on back of truck on the 495.
Convertible passing truck with two firmly exposed, erect nippled breasts shown off by smiling wanna-be lot lizard.
by CRAZI 1 May 28, 2009
Word of Wonder, used to describe astonishment, or an acronym for World of Warcraft often written as WoW.
Wow I can't believe you just did that.
Have you ever played the game WoW.
by 7h3.Gh0s7 May 01, 2009
"Wisdom Of Weed" your knowledge of weed in general.
W.O.W is knowing different kinds of weed , what it does to you, knowledge of how you can use the weed, different type of ways to get high off of weed, how to grow it, how to distribute, knowing what different categories the weed lies under (ex. Mids), how long it lasts, etc.
by $w¡mfr3@k July 01, 2012
W.O.W is an abstinence program
people that play W.O.W. are in the abstinence program
by someone148615 March 01, 2009
The reason a man doesn't have a girlfriend....

An acronym for World Of Warcraft. aka World Of Warcrack because of
its addictive nature.

A game that can help people who play it claim they work very hard... devoting more than 8 hours a day to something. A GAME...

Extreme gamers love it. Then they lose their friends and their girlfriends because it severly injures their libido. Interest in making love. Sensual feelings. And limits the time they even spend looking off the screen and at the real world.
<girlfriend> I am going to dump you if you play wow.
<wow boy> I promise I wont play games anymore.
2 months later..
<wow boy> i have super 1337 laptop on the way doo.
<other wowboy> lawlocaust. does your girlfriend know?
<wow boy> yeah.. efff her.
<girlfriend> sure hope wow can suck you off.
by J. Ramone January 17, 2009
Crack for gamers, and the real thing that makes people turn into zombies.
"MUST PLAY WOW!!! ... iv been away from my computer too long its been like what ... 30 mins omg we have a raid in 5 min's... AAAAGGGGGG DRIVE ME HOME FASTER I MUST PLAY WOW NOW!!!!"

(durning riad)
parent: " want dinner?"
gamer: "... resisted my spell taht mf omg fuck you all... i didnt cause the wipe..."
(5 min's later)
Parent: "did you hear me? do you want dinner?"
Gamer: "..."
(15 min's later)
Parent: (behind gamer) "if you want to eat youll come get it now or nothing till morning."
Gamer: "..." (head tilts to the side and swivels to the back unnaturally) NO GTF OUT OF MY ROOM!!! IM RAIDING HERE IN WOW!"
(after raid about 3-6hrs later depending)
Gamer: "damn im hungry."
Parent: "ZZzzZZzzZZzz..."
Gamer: "fucking shit i did it again ./cry"
by yo1989 September 08, 2007
another term for crack
"Quitting wow was like trying to quit Cocaine without rehab.
by Bran.H August 29, 2008

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