short for World of Warcraft. A very very very very very very addicting game that will consume your life forever. if you want to sit on your computer all night and eat potato chips go for it and buy this game. WARNING: You WILL lose ALL friends you have unless they play wow too. You will GAIN friends over the internet.
girl: hey wanna go to the movies tonight
guy: nope, sorry busy.
girl: why?
guy: wow.
girl: what?
guy: world of warcraft.
girl: ok...what's so interesting about of warcraft?
guy: oh not much, you can chat on the internet while leveling up by completing quests by killing animals and creatures and finding certain things, while talking on ventrilo with your buddies.
girl: ....
guy: actually tonight i am raiding serpent shrine cavern and tempest keep. we are planning on getting vashj down, maybe kael.Then i'm going to PvP, trying to get enough arena points to get some vengful gladiator pieces. May level my alt mage for a little after that and possibly do some dailies, i'm kinda poor. only got 400g trying to save up for an epic flying mount. And after that i'll prolly go to sleep. have to get up early tomorrow, were trying our first run at hyjal, Play all day, then i'll be free for about two hours if you wanna go see something then.
girl: ONLY two hours?
guy: well, yeah, i have to go to zul' aman.
girl: ....get a life...nerd.....
guy: ....
girl: bye.....
guy: goodbye....
guy drives home, gets on computer...:hey guys sending out invites yet?
guildie: almost
guildie #2: hey anyone a JC?
guy: i am
guildie #2: craft me some gems plz
guy: ok
guildie: invites going out.
guildie #3: anyone need summons?
guy: yeah, lemme craft some gems then send me one
guildie #4: send me one plz.
guildie #5: me too.
guildie #6: same.
...few hours into raid....
guy: leeroy your just stupid
guidie #7: atleast i have chicken.
guy: ............... day.....
guy: so we clearing ZA today?
guildie #4: heck yeah man.
...3 days later....
....4 days later....
raid leader: omg dude? get away from people when theres a shatter! and get out of cave in's
...few days later...
raid leader: OMFG..WTF...ATTACK THE CHAINS!!!
...hour later...
...guy moves..
raid leader: GKICK
...calls girl...
girl: hello
guy: hey wanna see a movie?
by geekfreek December 17, 2007
One of the better MMORPG games out there stereotypically cast as a blight on social interaction because of the behavior of a small minority. The reality is: the game doesn't cause problems, players do. If the average hardcore 16-year old practiced a modicum of self control and didn't neglect basic hygiene (unlike the rest of Wow players that know bathing, hanging out with friends and sleep are important), the game wouldn't get such a bad rap.
Fred: Elroy isn't coming out tonight. Must be that stupid Wow.
Jim: The problem isn't with Wow. It's with Elroy.
by SilentCrs March 31, 2007
World of Warcraft. While yes, it does turn some people into obsessed losers that spend day in and day out in front of the computer; those people were douches anyway, and if Warcraft didn't do this to them, something else would. probably porn.
lol n00b I pwn you shutup n00b lolol.(Most people, WoW players or not, cringe at the sight of this sentence, it makes English speakers want to cry.)
by Ryan M. Lee December 04, 2007
Used to express disbelief, typically when someone does something pitiful or acts desperate. Similar to whoa
"Johnny just took a crap in the urinal."
by pee-eye-em-pee April 13, 2007
World of Warcraft. A game which destroys any resemblance of a social life you possibly have. Consumed by this increasingly addictive game, all motivation for extra-curricular activities will be at rock bottom. The temporary happiness which provided an excuse to escape life's problems, will result in weight-gain causing increased acne problems, White skin pigment, friend loss, pathetic school grades, harassment from anyone you considered a friend, and a sense of failure in life. This failure is really accomplishment. This worthless sense of accomplishment furthers your drive to invest longer hours into a money-hungry system which will also make you noticeably bitter and selfish toward what friends remain loyal. This money-hungry anti-christ will provide nothing positive in return to your community or your physical and emotional state as a human being. You will eventually become depressed because you can't believe how much your life sucks. From pointless hours sitting infront of the computer, you could not possibly be a bigger loser than you ever thought you would become. After an extreme case of depression you half-heartedly retract from emptiness which is all you live for. Realizing such a violent addiction must cease immediately, you can only hope to rebuild the shattered fragments of existance you turned your back against, and re-kindle lost friendship which you hastily destroyed over a computer game which you thought would be more full-filling compared to what anyone in the real world has to offer.
James: "What is a 'life'" ?
WoW: "Life exists only in the World of Warcraft"
James: *Cries*
WoW: "Mwhahahahaha!"
by James Andrew Price June 05, 2007
A simple adjective, unlike all those complicated SAT words that no one ever uses, used to describe every single thing when it comes to a certain squid and encompass everything about her in one word. Its a word that never leaves a certain XL teddy bears mind when shes on his mind. Sometimes its said as a whisper when he sees her from a far, sometimes it is a thought when she says his name and sometimes is a sigh when she hugs him tight. Sometimes its the way she looks at him, sometimes its the way she comforts him, sometimes its just the way she smiles. Sometimes its the way she brushes her hair back and sometimes its the way holds your hand. Sometimes its just life with her in it. Sometimes....its just everything about her and everything she does. so yeah basically, its an adjective that really makes any other adjective obsolete, hence the teddy bear with a horrible vocabulary :P

def has a positive connotation ^.^
by XLTed April 07, 2013
a replacement of "your a retard!!"
dumbass:where's Mr.Beep....and why is Mrs.Beep in here i thought were in Spanish class.

smartass:were in science class dumbass.



person1:why are u throwing snowballs at me??

person2:because i hate you!!

person2 throws a snowball that misses person1 by at least 20 yards


guy1:okokok so why did the chicken cross the road?

guy2:i dont know.

guy1:to get to the other side hahahha....get it?


by mongo24 October 22, 2008

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