Ahem.....World of Warcraft the best thing that has ever happened to the RL. All of you baffoons sit here saying that WoW is for nerds, geeks, and losers. But in reality it is you who is the loser. You sit around spending all your time on UrbanDictionary.com writing stupid definitions for games that you wish you could play, while I'm getting to lvl 70 on WoW. World of Warcraft > RL imo cuz IRL can you res? I don't think so, you die IRL you're dead forever. You don't even get to ride mounts you have those crazy things called CARS that are slow and boring imo. Where else can you have a naked dance party in the middle of a big city. Only Wow, so stop complaining about it being addicting, buy the game and hit me up on the Burning Blade server my name is Kerfala. FFS STFU NOOBS!!
World of Warcraft is a feeling. Who needs a social life? I can't wait to login and hop on a gryphon. WoW............
by Kerfala August 11, 2007

a term used to describe something while under the influence of the drug marijuana, weed, chronic, dank, trees etc.
This beat is crazy to listen to wow.
by 456789 May 22, 2007
Acronym for World of Warcraft, a massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) put out by Blizzard which sucks you in an consumes every aspect of your life until you have no friends or girl/boyfriend or any semblance of a social life and your failing out of school, because you finally leveled to 60 and you have done nothing but run MC or DM with your guild for the past month so you can get your elite armor.
1. "Dood...I can't wait until the WoW expansion pack comes out!!"

2. "Babe, I can't go out again tonight, I gotta play WoW...I need the boss in this instance to drop my last epic!"
by Amalord's Girlfriend March 20, 2006
You put your two hands on either side of your face, making W's with three fingers. Then, open your mouth, so it spells out WOW, it's GREAT!!!
When someone is saying something that isn't very funny, you do the hand signal and say "wow! who cares?"
by b-child July 03, 2006
Word used to describe a state of utter disgust and shock when no other word can accurately describe the emotion:
Girl: Oh my God, that guy is holding out his penis
Girl 2: WOW


Boy: Damn, that bitch is ugly
Boy 2: WOW
by Roxification July 13, 2005
Used for online chatting when you wished that you didn't ask a question, or that a person you're talking to didn't say something.
Me:: So how was your day?
Girl:: Nick touched me today :)
Me:: wow
by tsphan November 26, 2004
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