When a woman whips out her breasts on Wednesday to a wow sticker
O&A exclusive to the greatests kings of radio

I just got WOWed
I got Wowed by some big ol titties
Wow she has great tits
by The Pest January 06, 2007
Whip em out Wensdays
Classic Opie and Anthony show classic for any pest
Stick a wow sticker on your car, any girls familar with the show will see it and flash u on the freeway or when ever

Also called whip em out whenever
Dude i got wow'd yesterday
Fuckin sweet man
by skmstr December 18, 2006
Basically like any other game around, it is just widely known and is just as easy to make fun of as Halo and other widly known games. People will often make fun of it not having even the slightest knowledge of the game. Anyone who says anything bad about it is often followed as people are often afraid of coming to terms with having balls and admitting its like any other game, its just a lot bigger and way more complex making it a very fun game for those who have a decent mental capacity, i.e. someone who is willing to try it and not listen to what the world says about it. like any other game it has no personal game in the real world, it is like every other game
"yo man lets hit up some WoW, run through Maurodon get u some dope gear"
"Naw man i got to go, friends want chill so i will do stuff with them instead, as it is just like every other game and is not all consuming"
by Cebeztompur August 04, 2008
Acronym for popular Online Role Playing Game "World of Warcraft"

This game is known for its highly complex and addictive gameplay. The game is played widely by nerds to make up for their lack of real life freinds. The game is also taken up by hobby gamers, and it usually ends up wasting multiple years, eventually destroying their friendships and forcing them to quit their jobs or schools and ultimately ruining a big part of their lives.
"I MUST play WoW immediately!"

"I apologize for my irritability, but i am suffering from WoW withdrawal."

"This friday night i plan on playing WoW."
by Klynch September 07, 2007
Wow is an acronym currently used by world of warcraft players that are WAITING ON WARHAMMER.
"Yea, i'm wow'n. I can't wait. lawlz.
by Morachnus September 11, 2007
The acronym for the MMORPG names "World of Warcraft"

This is by far the gayest game known to man, which costs 15$ a month, and has no end. IF you start playing this game, you will become the worlds first dead virgin, or at least you will think that.
Person 1: Dude! I leved up on WoW yesterday!
Person 2: Wow sad....STFU
by gkesjglreoijv;krejgs May 18, 2007
Acronym for "Whack off Wednesday."
Jerry: Hey, is it WoW today?
Tom: Hell yeah, dude it's Wednesday I'm gonna go whack off!
by aosmdavid December 23, 2006

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