World of Warcraft - an mmorpg that starts out very fun with kickass graphics and makes you think that it could be a good game. But like all mmorpgs it get boring as hell after a few hours. Unfortunately this shit is more addictive than crack and once you play you'll need help to quit even though you're fully aware that you're bored. Unlike a lot of mmorpgs you have to pay a monthly fee to play. Basically its for people who cannot find better ways to spend their time and money.
I started playing wow
and I have no fucking life
My friends have left me now
and every moment is strife
by tony chen March 27, 2007
Waste Of Weed

Beginner Weed Smoker

Someone who is new to weed
My buddy derrick was over he tried to roll a blunt and dropped all the weed hes a WOW
by Cory Helwig May 06, 2008
An acronym for some computer game or what i call the other woman
Oh sorry honey I can't, me and the boys are gonna be doing W.O.W tonight
by Jecka000 October 14, 2006
The vast abyss of hopelessness which means your ass is permenantley glued to a computer.
Fuck dude, you play WoW? you are a fucking hopeless loser.
by Not Nicolette July 10, 2008
abreveated form of the hit MMORPG world of warcraft
joe:dude, i pwned some n00bs on WOW last night
by T.K May 09, 2008
A game that can improve social life if ur a kid,and can destroy social life if ur an adult. it eats away at your brain and tells you not to go near sunlight because the sun will create a reflection on the screen so you can't see the big hairy blue ghostlands spider thats about to kill you. There is one expansion and a new one coming out this year. I am a noob but I know these things cuz i know a 70 in rl(rl=real life in WoW speak)if you have BC(Burning Crusade) there are ten races in all. Fivefor alli,(alliance) and five for HORDE(WOOT!!! HORDE!)Alli races:Draeni, NIGHT ELF!!!,gnome, dwarf, and human. Horde races:BLOOD ELF!!!(if you call them gay I will hunt you down)tauren, orc, undead, and troll. WARNING: This game is very addictive.
Killerkitten(My main):OMFG I just got killed by an alli in horde territory when I didn't even attack him first! Wtf is up with that.

Callipso(one of my good friends):Ok, calm down, I'm sure its just a glitch

Party Killerkitten: Yeah well, glitches suck

Party Callipso: I know they do butif you wanna play you gottalive with 'em

Party Killeerkitten: At least spinebreaker isn't a new server. those ones are always real glitchy. Cairne is a new one, and the glitches are non-stop. it got so bad I considered quitting WoW

Party Callipso: Well, good thing you didn't lol

Party Killerkitten: Yeah lol
by WoW Luver April 13, 2008
When a woman whips out her breasts on Wednesday to a wow sticker
O&A exclusive to the greatests kings of radio

I just got WOWed
I got Wowed by some big ol titties
Wow she has great tits
by The Pest January 06, 2007

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