its some bad ass initials. Often used as a nickname for a person who has those initials.
Dude, WOW is so freaking amazing.
by WOWzer26 September 01, 2010
A Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) Created by Blizzard. WoW takes place in the fictional world of Azeroth where players choose a race and class on a certain faction and level up a character, making them progessively powerful each level. Many people trash the game calling it 'nerdy' and 'gay', however I find it entertaining. Many call it addictive, but only those who have incredibly weak brains can grow an addiction to it.
Guy 1: You play WoW?
Guy 2: Yeah! I have a level 80 tauren druid.
abbreviation for an game called World of Warcraft
Dude man u should get WoW Its SICK!!!

What that?

World of Warcraft

by Davidsta March 28, 2009
The reason old people don't get computers. No one wants to forget to take their meds.
Dead seniors lying around a laptop with WoW on. What else is new?
by Teh N00B PwNr February 26, 2009
World of Warcraft was Created by Blizzard entertainment in 2004 and is an MMORPG. Due to a lot of Media Attention the game has Has a lot of Negative Feedback from people who have
A)played the game and truly quit after realising they ruined their social life
B)Havnt played the game but has heard other negative Feedback from other people
c)Just want to insult those from A

The game Requires a lot of Teamwork and cooperation which not many people wish to do

The game does a lot of Mental Experiments such as the Bug which i read out the newspaper the other day which found out how people reacted to Pandemics.

World of Warcraft or WoW in abreviation is a decent game to my standards but only for the veteran gamer THIS IS NOT THE KIND OF GAME FOR CHILDREN TO START OFF ON try something like runescape or guild wars which are free and can be quit easily like i know
i play World of warcraft myself but i reccomend only to the experienced gamer not the 12 year old kid who wishes to enter the Adult world of gaming
1. "Dood...I can't wait until the WoW expansion pack comes out!!"
(current Expansion pack out now for purchase is the burning crusade and the next expansion pack the Invasion of the lich king expected to come out soon)

2. "hey Priest Wanna form a group to get some XP"

3. "alright thumvs up lets do this, LEEROOOOOOOOOOOYYYYY JENKINS!!!!111"
"oh my god he just ran in"
by Adcaro Trueblade August 29, 2007
aka World of Warcraft - bestselling MMORPG from Blizzard Entertainment, but you have to know that, unless you spent last year in outer Solar system...
"Man, I looted that cool +4 stamina +8 strenght +3 spirit chest armor yesterday in WoW, and it look soooo nice"
by Jankr September 09, 2005
an acronym for With Out Words
Donna: "You're a fart-knocker"
Paula: "and how does one do this?"
Donna: "What, knock farts? ... blank stare"
Paula: "I believe I just left you WoWed"

::laughter ensues::
by Dark Phoenix 81 May 17, 2009

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