a fat person whos whole life is playin world of warcraft. also they r usualy gay n join guilds called the gentlemans club wtf cant get gayer then that. also in the summer they tell thier work managers that thier availibility is only 16 hours when they dont do shit but play that game and right when they get off work they run 2 thier car speed home and run 2 thier computer asap and stay up all night still in their work clothes
pancaf is the biggest wow fag out of em all. he runs home n plays 24/7 fo 3 years straight. he even looks at pictures of his clan mates n hes on vent listenin 2 men talk all night wuta fuckin fag. he always makes a wierd cough noise every 5 sec 2 n crys bout people touchin his mouse sayin stop greesin my mouse up wtf is that. only a wow fag would say some shit like that. hes so fuckin white hasnt been outside in 3 years n thinks that the world of warcraft is real life. he even went 2 jail because of that game. his mom turned the game off so he beat the shit out of her holy shit wtf.
by trillest of da souf August 09, 2006
A person who plays World of Warcraft(Wow) non stop. All they talk, think, and do is Wow. They are more obsessed with WOW than a drug addict.
Steven: *comes up behind you, stabs you in the back with invisible knife* Ganked!! hahaha

TJ: Dude you are a freaking wow fag steven!

by PeeeU (TJ) June 09, 2006
George Fisher
<talented musician> Hey, WoWfag
<George Fisher> Hey, bag o' douche
by Xtreme2252 March 08, 2009
A person who plays the MMORPG called World of Warcraft.
"Oh man, did you hear about that guy talking about his level 70 Night Elf?"

"Yeah, He's obviously a total WoWfag."
by totalwowfag September 17, 2007
Someone who plays World of Warcraft and very few other games. a WoWfag will also insult any other game mentioned to him and then mention how good WoW is.
Proper gamer: I beat HL2 today :)
WoWFag: HL2 is for noobs, play WoW if you want to be cool.
Proper gamer: :\ are you even alive anymore?
by Bojazz January 28, 2008
watch south park season 10 episode 8 and it explains it all
Jake: wurs mark at
Joe: he has no life now he just plays some retarded game all day hesa wow fag
Jake: wow maybe i should 2 i have no no life aka no penis
by Wut It Dew October 07, 2006
someone whos life is world of warcraft and thier only friends r internet friends n they think they r actualy thier characters
koo kid: yo lets go hoopin
wow fag: i cant i have 2 do a raid
koo kid: wtf u tombout?
wow fag: itsa part of a game my guild needs me
by pimpin da pen August 10, 2006
Someone who is a complete loser because they devote their lives to this game.

Not to be confused with WoW player, because ordinary players don't necessarily waste their lives on it.
John: 'I just pulled an all nighter playing WoW to get my Rogue up to level 80 before I go broke and can't renew my membership'

Ted: 'Dude you are such a WoW fag!'

John: 'You play it too!'

Ted: 'Yeah but I don't waste my life on it!'
by Freshbott2 May 09, 2010

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