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mind control word from teh popular game Bioshock.
if you havent played bioshock, its basically a phrase
"Atlas" or fontaine says that makes the main player
do what he asks, disguised as a way of saying please.

would you kindly 1up this?
after the first 15 times of atlas saying would you kindly
i knew there was something more behind that phrase.

*later in the game*

by BE_PREPARED! September 22, 2007
A mind control term from the game Bioshock, used to control the actions of your character, "Jack".
Can be used on friends to hopefully, subconsciously, get them to do things for you, and make you think you've just controled their mind.
"Would you kindly get stepped on by a Big Daddy?" -Frank Fontaine, Bioshock

"Hey man, grab me a beer, would you kindly?"
by Bob Ferapples September 23, 2007
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