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What it is

Wotter is, what wotter is. Wotter does, what wotter does.

what we wotter we lettiss

Wotter Lettiss, in the being's principle form, is idolized with an ms paint modified photo of a hippo - one of the deadliest animals on the planet.

For more info on Wotter Lettiss: soundcloud.com slash petromaniac slash wotterlettisstone
Who should be the next president of the USA?
A) Wotter Lettiss.
B) Wotter.
C) Lettiss.

Did you see this Lettiss? No said Wotter Lettiss. Everythings fine in here. Lettiss..? ? ?

Wotter Lettiss loses facebook friends.. Thats ok because Wotter Lettiss is about to launch Lettissbook. Wotter Lettiss feels more happy with the Wotter. Lettiss Lettiss.
by tacosupremist August 18, 2011