A slang term used in means of greeting.
Wotcher cock!
by Jill September 13, 2003
1. An exclamation of surprise, chiefly British, meaning the equivalent of "watch out" or "watch it".

2. When used nonchalantly, can also mean something similar to "take care", or "good luck".
James: (upon nearly stepping in a pothole) Wotcher!

Greg: I've got three exams tomorrow.
James: Ooh.. wotcher.
by Dr Fruitcake October 12, 2005
An English colloquial greeting that perplexed thousands of Americans upon reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Tonks uses it as a greeting, obviously requesting a sexual favor that will take place in the 6th book.
"Wotcher, Harry!"

("I want to feel you inside me, Harry!")
by placebo February 13, 2005
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