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1. it's a phrase expressed to mean "why do you care?" or "who gives a shit?". You say that when someone is telling you something that is meaningless, pointless, trivial and/or irrelevant.

2. a nice pleasant Top 20 reggae- pop hit by Robbie Neville, it charted during the spring of 1987.
1. I'm in my car with Dexter, who recently got married and joined his wife's cult. It's Christmas season and in my tape deck I'm playing a various artists charity compilation called "A Very Special Christmas". The last tune is a calm "Silent Night" done by Stevie Nicks. Dexter says that Stevie dresses like a witch. I say "so, wot's it to ya?. I don't believe in witches or witchcraft."

2. I'm putting out my stuff for my escapade as I just checked in my hotel room at the Circus Circus hotel and casino in Reno, Nevada. I turn on the radio. Being played is "The Final Countdown" by Europe, followed by "Wot's It To Ya?" by Robbie Neville. Let the festivities begin!
by Starpunk June 27, 2008
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