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ashlee simpson !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
she blows dogs for quarters
by ME August 07, 2004
Alvin and the Chipmunks, because of their damn high pitched voices makes me want to assassinate them with any weapon.
Hey Chipmunks! Let me cheer for ya'll by pointing my rocket launcher at ya'll!
by frodaddy February 19, 2005
the worst rock band ever: a scientific analysis
Is the worst band ever Creed? Limp Bizkit? Or someone else?
by Reynard Letard February 08, 2006
the california raisins.
worst band ever...need I say more?
by maks July 21, 2004
A highly sought-after title among many musicians, including (but not limited to) Nickelback, the Beastie Boys, Aerosmith, Linkin Park and Jessica Simpson. It has been speculated that they pursue this appellation because they are unable to compete in arenas of actual merit, and so have rebelled against the established standards to create their own uniquely emetic mixture of atrocious music and popular appeal.
"Nickelback is the worst band ever."
"That's not official. Yet."
by maryla November 10, 2007
there are many worst bands ever...too many,heh heh...

Hootie and the Pearl Jam and anybody who sounds like them.(there are about a million bands that sound like them)
modern music sucks big ol' herpes infected balls
hands down it's guns n' roses
guns n roses is the worst band ever
by Flyin' Elvises, October 13, 2005
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