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The long awaited third war in humanity's epic World War trilogy. Is said to resolve all plots lines.
Oh I hear World War Three is coming out soon. I can't wait! I am so wearing a 'Team Australia' t-shirt.
by babyzie October 18, 2010
A point in time when everything is fucked.
*As someone watches the nukes hit* Oh shit! It's WW3!! This would be so cool if we werent all fucked in the ass right now!
by mud May 13, 2004
n. Something that's a big deal in a bad way. Something to worry about, even if it might never happen.
I swear, if I get pregnant, it'll be World War Three!
by Holly-Day February 02, 2004
For a completely inchorent definition see The Third World War
456.6625 MHz
by IrishRepublicanArmy January 21, 2004