What right-wing neo-con Americans are trying to prevent.
Axis Of Evil

by fingers October 15, 2003
Something that will never be achieved while weston governments insist on attacking countries that won't let them suck the wealth out of them.
by Angus Prune April 17, 2003
2)To be used to pacify, or otherwise delude for the purposes of non-resistance, the tempermant of a middle class American.
"We shall acheive world peace" -Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf
by Mike Doherty July 05, 2005
Something that could be achieved if we all just put our differences behind us. Stopped giving people reasons to stereotype us. Stopped thinking that there is always a greater race when really there isn't. Stopped always feeling as though we have to get back at someone when really it just creates more problems. Stopped judging people by the color of there skin. It may feel different and look different. But in reality it is the same thing all made by the same person.
Person 1: Hey lets all stop acting like idiots and just get along for once.

Person 2: Your right!! Lets have World Peace!!
by justanordinaryperson August 17, 2011
Yes, it's ALL Bush's fault for us not having world peace. It's ALL his fault. Remember when he wasn't in office, and everyone was happy and no one was dying. Somalia was perfect, Camodia was a great place to live, and there was no PLO. But now that the Republicans are in office the world is a bad place, but before then it was all great and cool!
You dumb fucks need to realize that even if Ghandi was preseident we couldn't achieve world peace you smacktards.
by Elitist February 09, 2004
the absence of American civilization.
When will worldpeace come!
by icez June 21, 2004
An ideal state that can never be achieved as long as Bush and his warmonging cronies run the US. They start wars on the slightest provocation, while terrorism skyrockets and economic health plummets.
by Not Proud to be an American April 22, 2003
shit pageant girl uses in every sentence.
what's your gender? "world peace"
what's your favorite food? "world peace"

why should you be pageant queen? "because I want world peace for the world.
by crazy cupcake April 05, 2016
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