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What right-wing neo-con Americans are trying to prevent.
Axis Of Evil

by fingers October 15, 2003
An event which is unattainable.
Look around; shits fucked. worldpeace... right
by NIDER January 31, 2007
Something the American government has a vested interest in averting. I beleive its not cost effective.
We will move toward world peace by tripling the defence budget.
by Inspector_Bumhat June 19, 2003
Yeah, right. Like it's going to ever happen.
Acheiving world peace is equivalent to trying to find any sign of intelligence in what a woman says.
by Matthew B. October 16, 2003
Verb. to give someone an elbow to the face/head area with a large enough force to cause a concussion..may or may not be deliberate contact

Noun. a term for giving a concussion
Doctor: What happened sonny?

Kid: I got "world peace(d)" in the head while playing basketball...

Doctor: Looks like a concussion...

I'm gonna give that dude some world peace today..
by socali101 May 09, 2012
The only people who think its possible are the ones who are making it impossible
George Bush: Hey lets bomb the crap out of Iraq so we'll have world peace!!!
by Jimmy Joe December 24, 2003
delivering an elbow to the face for no reason at all and act like you didn't hit him or her
''boom'' guy:dude you just elbow me in the face other guy: well thats world peace for that ass
by black echelon April 26, 2012