Its the best game ever! Once you get it, prepare, to.....have no life what so ever! It is extremely addicting. KICKASS GAME!!!
World Of Warcraft is a kickass game, get it, and join the Mal'Ganis Server!
by Big Rog. February 17, 2005
some mmorpg Joe and Miles play all the time
Joe stayed at home all day and played WoW
by AASman April 04, 2005
World of Warcraft is a game that football players play in their spare time to hone their stratetgic prowess during the down season.
"hey dude you wanna play football"
"hey dude wanna play world of warcraft"
by fredbobdude September 09, 2005
World of Warcraft, abbreviated WoW, is a computer game for losers who have absolutley no life. The only time WoW players see a real pussy in their life is when they come out of their mom's pussy at birth. The game is an addiction to those who play it, sometimes more addicting than drugs such as cocaine. WoW players spend 20 hours of their day playing this game. They never shower, and hardly ever eat and sleep. Anyone who plays this game is a retard who needs to get a damn life and the average IQ of the people in the world would jump dramatically if all of the WoW players were killed.
My roommate plays World of Warcraft constantly. He is failing all of his classes because WoW is more important than homework and studying to him. He never showers either and smells like shit.
by tp March 07, 2005
lol ppl say WoW is addictive which is true but it doesn't mean the ppl who play are smelly fat losers my friends and i who play are athletes and always doing something this just fills the void between 3am and 6am in the summer (if sober if not it a whole different experince) lol i do agree with the earlier statements of the ultimate test for a g/f though lol but the game doesn't require long hours of leveling up to have fun unlike most mmorpgs it actually rewards the casual player
unlike eq where u spend a month killing rats or runescape where u get killed by a woman
by jm69 June 22, 2005
World of Warcraft is a game for those who fail at life. There is no other way to describe it right. The game is extremelly addicting and those who play it become zombie-like humans with no other purpose than to play it 24/7 without doing much of anything else. It also costs $15 a month. Brilliant move by Blizzard. The only people who are going to thumbs down this review are those addicted to World of Warcraft, and they know it to be true.
John recently got World of Warcraft. Man, he is excited! He can't wait to enter the world of "1337ness", and lose any hope of ever being in a serious relationship because of addiction to a video game.
by What? March 25, 2005
1. The answer to guys who want their girlfriends to break up with them.(See How to Lose a Girl in 10 Days.) World of Warcraft is a game for losers who completely suck at life. Unconciously knowing how much they suck, they turn to WoW to begin a new life in a different world. In doing this, the bitch is now the bully, and can cast spells (See Lame-ASS bitch) or kill a mutated bumble bee with an oversized axe. Don't forget to rest and drink some water after that beating! Alliance, Horde, it doesn't matter which confederation, you're still a LOSER! 2. A complete life-sucker. It will replace your daily routine of going to work, working out, eating dinner, having sex, and going to bed, to calling in late to work, leaving early, and then gaming until 8am, when it is time to call in late again. Depending on which race you choose to be, the intensity of the "LOSER" sign flashing on your forehead can differ. 3. Shamans are pole-smokers. 4. If a girl plays World of Warcraft, she is most likely fat and ugly. Because she is fat and ugly, she is also probably easy. Such girls can be found on Friendster.
Mark and Joe are a couple of bitches who play World of Warcraft. Guess what two guys are getting dumped on Valentine's Day?!?!? shhhhhh... it's a surprise!
by Rosey February 09, 2005

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