An ingenious program designed by Blizzard created to keep people from doing imprtant things in life, like eating, sleeping, and going to work. They do this in hope of killing all of the subscribers, while being paid to do so. This will provide many job openings and prevent the creation of babies. With less people in the world less oil, electricity, and water will be needed. Thats when Blizzard invades Canada. As we all know is the most powerful country on this planet. with control of Canada they will continue to seize the rest of North America. They shall then use Canadas many Nuclear Warheads to slowly but surley bomb the rest of the world. They shall now enslave the rest of the world. All because of the wonderful game called WoW.
WoW player- "Hey, ever thought of playing World of Warcraft?" Reader of this definition- "......... I'd rather not..."
by theREALbothi July 27, 2010
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World of Warcraft is a game where the only enemy is yourself... and 90% of the players will never recover for the internal damage this game will cause to your health, your self esteem, and your social life.... i played warcraft when i was 13 and it is a addiction.... luckly i had the will power to break the disc after a month and since then i lost 35 lbs got myself in shape and my life is so much better i go to parties now spend time with my family got a gf and got into college. here the facts THIS GAME SHOULD BE ILLEGAL it has alot of the same effects and symptoms as Crack... if any of you normal kids out there are waiting to play the game or get the expansion DONT!!! QUIT RIGHT NOW HIT START ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS AND UNINSTALL THIS it essentially is a computer virus but not to you PC but a virus to your life...
Normal kid: "Dude i cant wait to play World of Warcraft"
Day 1: only 3 hours not so bad
Day 2: only 6 hours im fine
Week: my gf left me who cares ill get another one just after one more quest...
1 Month: lost my job and im failing 3 classes who cares ill go to summer school
1 Year: Dont cancel my account please im only 1 more lev to 70!!! please i need WoW!!!! ILL SUCK YOUR DICK PLEASE NO!!!
this is what world of warcraft will do to you
by Junior Gomez April 18, 2008
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An extremly shitty ass game that is boring as hell...........u pay to fish every month....a game that is nothing compared to guild wars
Omg i just got guild wars.......Fuck World of warcraft.
by Slickback_Teh_Pimp May 15, 2006
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World Of Warcraft - A game where fiction becomes insanity;
What I don't understand is the following:
Half the worlds population play this game online and have no lives. The other half appears to be on Urban Dictionary bashing them. At least those that play the game have a reason to be retarded vs those that are creating scenarios about their gfs dumping them, or losing their jobs, or not getting an education or making money.
And now thanks to all those hurting ppl in the world Of Warcraft, because of you I BECAME ONE MYSELF wasting my time and life and energy writing this definition. World Of Warcrap - To everyone on this site...Go Get Laid!

World Of Warcraft - You Are All Hurting
by Antoine Gigalo March 04, 2008
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Girls: If your boyfriend likes this game.... RuN!!! Don't accept being second in his life. Those who have been there know what I mean. Way to addictive.
Because of World of Warcraft, my boyfriend and I got in a huge fight.
by Rachel19 August 27, 2007
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A game to make me stop having any thoughts of Morrowind.
Also- A good way to make me feel special in which YOU CAN TURN INTO A FREAKING BEAR.
A game in which the player may not go outside for weeks at a time, even if they are a chick, (as the writer of this example is) all Normal social interactions (That I am assuming you've had) wear away, and you become frustrated by a Hermit named Abercrombie who wants waaaaayyy too many things from the graveyard that he lives in.

For some, (Such as this writer) you may become addicted to it in mental, and physical ways, unable to concentrate in school, at home, or at work (If You have a job) due to the searing pain of not having access to your World of Warcraft. You may become easily distracted when people say simple phrases, and be led into other internet terms that will confuse others. Such as, "I wanna borrow that" "Top! I wanna borrow that top." And then realizing that you are not with a fellow internet addict, being embarrased, and walking away.
And furthermore realising that you are not, Sythindiå, Of the Sin'Dorei.
by A silly little girl July 10, 2008
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i play both games, but switched to GW since i have school and dont have cash to play wow
A game that is in constant battle with Guild Wars. Most WoW players say that Guild Wars can suck WoW's balls. Most GW players say that WoW can suck GW's balls.
Let me shed some light on the subject.

Graphics: GW wins

Huge-ness: WoW beats Gw in da face(altho that can change when gw2 comes out)

quest system: Gw wins fare&square, in wow the quest are as boring as my mom's wooden leg

Economical: gw wins, altho the 15 bucks per month is crap

Players: in GW most towns are really empty, and are very isolated, so people who dont want to do missions in the town, just go to Kamadan or some other capital.

Mature-ness of players: when i played wow i met some really cool people, most of them over 16(means theyre cool) but the ones which are -16 are like idiots who spend their time laughig at you when you get killed since theyre 48 levels above you

overall, both games are equal. please, stop arguing like dipshits over which game is better. THE GAME THAT IS BETTER IS THE ONE WHICH U HAVE MORE FUN IN, and that counts for you and you only!
Thank you for your cooperation
WoW: omg wow totaly pwnez gw in da fukin face go get a life boooon
GW: lol u waste ur muny on stupid crap liek dat gw has better graphisicis and the ppl arent 11 years old booncaek mofo!

World of Warcraft is cool.
Guild Wars is cool.
by i playes guild wars's October 17, 2007
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