World Of Warcraft - A game where fiction becomes insanity;
What I don't understand is the following:
Half the worlds population play this game online and have no lives. The other half appears to be on Urban Dictionary bashing them. At least those that play the game have a reason to be retarded vs those that are creating scenarios about their gfs dumping them, or losing their jobs, or not getting an education or making money.
And now thanks to all those hurting ppl in the world Of Warcraft, because of you I BECAME ONE MYSELF wasting my time and life and energy writing this definition. World Of Warcrap - To everyone on this site...Go Get Laid!

World Of Warcraft - You Are All Hurting
by Antoine Gigalo March 04, 2008
A highly addictive game that consumes your life and will make you become fat and will never let you get laid
i don't have a life i play world of warcraft
by gogomymagicpup August 17, 2007
World of Warcraft is the long version of sayin wow, which means being stunned, overwhelmed and so on...
last night was World of Warcraft!

World of Warcraft! i never thought this could happen to me!

World of Warcraft, did u see that?!
by CSR6 October 24, 2009
Girls: If your boyfriend likes this game.... RuN!!! Don't accept being second in his life. Those who have been there know what I mean. Way to addictive.
Because of World of Warcraft, my boyfriend and I got in a huge fight.
by Rachel19 August 27, 2007
A highley addictive game... the greatest player on World of Warcraft is rummored to be a troll rogue on the Shadowsong server (US) named Javiopi
OMG did you here about Javiopi on World of Warcraft... he once took on 30 people in Warsong Gulch with just Deadly throw
by Mystery.. July 19, 2008
A MMORPG that is compared against every other MMMORPG is existance.
n00b: "Hey, check out this this new MMORPG, it's better than World of Warcraft."
n00b2: "This free MMO is much better than WoW"
by Alex225 February 03, 2008
What happens when blizzard runs out of ideas and decides to put together it's two best selling dames and make it a MMORPG
Colin: hello sir, have you noticed that World of Warcraft is an amalgamation of Diablo II and Warcraft III?

Reginald: Indubidably!
by I <3 BooBs October 08, 2005
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