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a World Full of Nerd's troll's and. Midget's a place to Gather The oddest Wierdo's of Society n Talk about the the most Un-Usefull Thing's
They Only Have a Job to Support there WOW Gameing n Equipment.
( world of warcraft )WOW Did you do a Raid to Get The Queer Relic from The Butt Troll & Some Gay Gold to make you're Character even 20X more Gayer Then Last Night'
by Tommy/Jared February 20, 2009
a vast land where vergins and people with no life hangout . if you play this game you are doomed to a life of masterbation.
fools that play world of warcraft. tank, tim , caroll ,tims dad and much much more.
by Anfo/Ronald August 21, 2008
A game to make me stop having any thoughts of Morrowind.
Also- A good way to make me feel special in which YOU CAN TURN INTO A FREAKING BEAR.
A game in which the player may not go outside for weeks at a time, even if they are a chick, (as the writer of this example is) all Normal social interactions (That I am assuming you've had) wear away, and you become frustrated by a Hermit named Abercrombie who wants waaaaayyy too many things from the graveyard that he lives in.

For some, (Such as this writer) you may become addicted to it in mental, and physical ways, unable to concentrate in school, at home, or at work (If You have a job) due to the searing pain of not having access to your World of Warcraft. You may become easily distracted when people say simple phrases, and be led into other internet terms that will confuse others. Such as, "I wanna borrow that" "Top! I wanna borrow that top." And then realizing that you are not with a fellow internet addict, being embarrased, and walking away.
And furthermore realising that you are not, Sythindiå, Of the Sin'Dorei.
by A silly little girl July 10, 2008
I'm a girl who's boyfriend plays this game. aka the antichrist. My bf didn't play this brain cell killing addictive game in front of me until 4 months into our relationship when he was comfortable enough. He doesn't look like a wow player, and we had a really good sex life until I watched him play it...major turn off. While he's on Wow I've actually been turned down after trying to initiate anything because he was in an instance with geeks yelling into his headset. Unfortunately it can actualy be the formentioned ultimate gf test.
Hey babe your roomate's gone for the night.
NOT NOW, I'm in an instance in world of warcraft.
by trix15521 June 07, 2006
the best game ever made. by blizzard. rpg. very addictive.
play world of warcraft
by nathanael tompkins February 10, 2008
A cool fun game where you level up do quests and interact with 9 million other people from around the world.its a fun game but douches say oh it sucks and all you do is walk around and kill shit, you probably think it sucks because you suck and just die all the time, cause ur a dumbass who doesnt know how to play a game.
Guy: Oh! i play world of warcraft.
Other Guy: Oh me too what level do you have?
by HarleyS December 20, 2007
"WoW" or world of warcraft is an addictive MMO that is more addictive than crack those who play it will have no life, and they will never get laid and they will live with their parents for the next 35 years or their parents kill themselves because they are disgusted from their loser children
Loser: Hey how come you dont play WoW
Losers Friend: Cause i would rather eat gonnorhea clam dip and smegma gravy than play that peice of shit (World of Warcraft)
Loser:*cries* its not a peice of shit its a way of life
Losers Friend: Yeah a Shitty way of life!
Loser: *cries* im gonna go kill myself *slits own throat and has parranas eat him alive*
Losers Friend: Haha your 80 Deathknight aint saving you now!

by Jake Drake April 06, 2008