The first computer game to ever have a rehab.
Normal person: "Hey Timmy, wanna play basketball?"

WoW Nerd (Timmy) : "NO! I'd rather sit in a room all day and do quests, then to ever go outside in the daylight and shoot a ball in a hoop!"

*normal person closes door*

Normal person: " Damn, that bitch needs to go World of Warcraft rehab."

Normal person 2: "Fuck yeah he does."
by Dont Play WoW July 18, 2009
the worst game in the world. it is known for being more addictive than heroin. and it sucks in many people from all cliques, ages, and races. it pulls them away from social lives, except trading stories with other WoW players. it is also the reason that many college students drop out, or high school students fail classes. also, it is a sad waste of many to have to play a game every single month. it is also the reason many virgins stay virgins.
for any mother reading this: it is one of the best forms of birth control. =]
hot girl: Hey, do you wanna go out some time?
gamer: Go away! I'm playing World of Warcraft!

gamers girlfriend: wanna make out?
gamer: shut up! im playing wow!

girlfriend: wanna have sex?
gamer: no! shut the fuck up! im playing wow!
by January 16, 2009
A game where you run around this imaginary world and you eat roasts
Guy 1: Man, I cannot wait to get home and hop on World of warcraft, these daily roasts are delicious.
Guy 2: Yeah, I hear you.. I think I need to quit WoW, but the roast game is ridiculous.
Guy 1: yee
Guy 2: yeeeeeeeeeeeee
by T_Stunna July 21, 2013
A game for people who do not have much excitement in their live and for people who struggle to make friends. But people do play this game for fun.
Struggler: Plays because they have a hard to time to meet people and play the game up to 16 hours a day of World of Warcraft

Casual: Plays the game with a friend from real life and enjoys to play for an hour or two a day or a day a week and enjoy to play this game as a solo player game.
by caleb.sefton February 09, 2013
An unholy mass gathering of virgins everywhere.
Person 1: Hey dude, what's your virgin level.
Person 2: I'm virgin level 87.
Person 1: You should play World of Warcraft with me.
by #BrodoSwagginz January 03, 2013
A game that shitloads of people play, occasionally normal people play this game, you wouldnt notice. But there is an enormous amount of players who troll and express themselves as superior to others, they spend their whole life playing the game trying to complete every quest and beat every other player. These people have social problems so they retreat to an alternative world where they can try to be better. There are also hypocrites who say world of warcraft is gay and lame but then they decide to play the game---> Fucken Ironic cunts. Majority of WoW players, you couldnt care less about what they do, its the faggot hardcore ones who think they are cool that pisses me off
WoW Player: Oh my gosh like you are the biggest noob Rogue ever, level 5 dagger of Udrun, thats a shit artifact you noob, and you have the worst mount that cant even fly hahaha, please you are below me, im am too pro.

Guy getting bullied goes home and logs onto WoW and starts trolling people releasing his anger

WoW player 1: I play World of Warcraft
Friend: ok, cool
WoW player 2: please, i bet you are noob
WoW player 1: shut the fuck up you faggot
by TEhTreatzu January 05, 2011
An ingenious program designed by Blizzard created to keep people from doing imprtant things in life, like eating, sleeping, and going to work. They do this in hope of killing all of the subscribers, while being paid to do so. This will provide many job openings and prevent the creation of babies. With less people in the world less oil, electricity, and water will be needed. Thats when Blizzard invades Canada. As we all know is the most powerful country on this planet. with control of Canada they will continue to seize the rest of North America. They shall then use Canadas many Nuclear Warheads to slowly but surley bomb the rest of the world. They shall now enslave the rest of the world. All because of the wonderful game called WoW.
WoW player- "Hey, ever thought of playing World of Warcraft?" Reader of this definition- "......... I'd rather not..."
by theREALbothi July 27, 2010

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