A highly addictive MMORPG, many get adicted to.

'There is no such thing as 'real life' there is only 'AFK'
mum plz. plz dont take the internet away, world of warcraft is god. i'll only play for 7 hours a night i promise
by Teharu November 17, 2008
The game that will make you say;
Life? What life?!?!
Person 1: Dude, I just hit level 90 on my Troll.
Person 2: You need to go outside man.
Person 1: But, I am outside....in the world of warcraft.
by Skitzophrenic December 11, 2012
A very good game made by the richest company in the world, but can be addicting only if you let it take over your life. It's cool to play for 5-6 hours on the weekend only when you don't have anything that needs done. Other than that on the week days you shouldn't be on it more than 2.
Me: Let's go do some motocross

Addicted Friend: Nah, My guild wants to do raids all day.

Me: But it's Friday afternoon don't you want to wait til night?

Addicted Friend: Nah, fuck off I want my epic bow to poon everyone with lmao.

That's the level you don't want to play World of Warcraft at no puns intended....allthough I did raid with him earlier that day.
by Isswanas May 21, 2011
An abomination of a game, masquerading as an MMORPG. Responsible for the demise of compelling, rewarding game experiences found in real MMORPGs (UO, EQ, AC, DAoC, AO, etc...) prior to its release.

Best reserved for use as a Pejorative...
This game is mediocre, but hey, at least it's no World of Warcraft.
by Kaldaien June 16, 2010
A game that is fun as hell. Then you have all these faggot nerds and internet tough guys who write about how addictive the game is and how you'll leave your girlfriend.

If you leave your gf for this game, you have the willpower of a fucking piece of grass. If you lose your friends because of this game, you also have a willpower equivalent to a piece of grass.

Stop bitching and moaning about this fun game, just play it. It's not that addicting and you don't have to play 24/7/365 to get far in it. Just be in a guild full of people that know what they're doing.

dumbass: "herp derp world of warcraft is 4 lozers u nevr get lade hahah fagot go outside"

me: "I can say that I've gotten more pussy than you'll ever get. Also, l2 english. thanks."
by fewfihedofhe June 06, 2010
alternative to house wives, guitars, cars, rockstarism, methamphetimine, talk, waffles, cannibalism, rotten.com, reallife crowdcontrol, seritonin, the simpsons, sex, and the sun.
Jossef: Im not sure Johnathan, world of warcraft makes me more horney than my wife and the girls there can resist taking off there cloths for me

Jossef: it was like everything I have done in my life led to this all inspiring hammer of wrath on this lvl 80 rogue that tried me
by eradic the pure June 03, 2010
A place where if you don't have over 5.5 gearscore you don't get to go into any raids, and if you aren't a tank, you don't get into any random dungeons. And a place where people QQ.
LF1M range dps, Icc25, Shaman needed(BL), 5.5gs + pst with achieve.
Trade Chat: WTS Random H's 50g per person.

Only World of Warcraft players would get this.
by Yobarax Illidan May 16, 2010

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