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1. The act of looking like your working when you really are not.

2. Pretending to work.

3. Appearing to be performing your job at work in an effort to fool management.

4. A term used by some clothing companies to describe camoflaged clothing that can be worn to work.
Sally surfed the internet all day at work, but always kept another cover screen ready in case the boss came by. She could then flash the cover screen up to make it appear she was working.

The clothing company used the name work ouflage attached to their camoflaged clothing line to market items as work clothes.
by Sitka Boy July 21, 2011
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Using products of your work environment to make it appear that you are in fact engaged in the act of "working" however defined by your employer.
Construction worker 1: Shit! here comes the boss!

Construction worker 2: don't worry about it man, I keep some workouflage around in case of emergencies like this. Just sprinkle some of this sawdust in your hair and put some chalk on your hands.

Boss: Looks like you boys are hard at work!
by cinnamonbuns December 03, 2012
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