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Consists of too many words that arent neccasary.
This sentence is too wordy because it has too many words which can be shortened.
by teh Kelz March 04, 2006
see also wordywordybastard this is the lighter version of it. when someone just seems to go on and on usually in a blog or journal and always has some long rant that most likely makes no sense to anyone, including the person writing it all out.
Jake sure is being wordy today! He will become a wordywordybastard if he doesn't quit soon!
by Gryfin November 04, 2005
Guild names in MMORPGs with more than one word in them.
Blood Hydras and The Guild Who Had No Name are examples of wordy guild names.
by Ryushin November 17, 2007
(Noun) A person who loves words.
A wordy is a person who loves words. Jane is such a wordy, she loves her word of the day calendar.
by Tina2121 June 05, 2007

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